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Kai Yoga



Yoga for Surfing & The Surf Lifestyle


"change happens, yoga helps”


Improve your Performance for Surfing!  Build your confidence, train the right muscles, relax the muscles you need to to gain longevity, endurance, and pain free range of motion.


Be fit, feel fit and perform your best all around. Develop powerful routines to stay fit and in sport as you age!

In this class, we will do the movements to turn, strengthen your core, improve your mood and outlook on life and be more stable on your board, in the barrel and in life.

Guidance on nutrition before and after surf is available as well!  Get expert advice on how to train smarter.

Surfing and yoga are very similar.  Everything we know about is waves. Waves of energy, waves of light, waves of change.

The human brain is a complex entity constantly at work, sending electrical signals, communicating, building new neural connections and so on.  This electrical activity generated by the brain, also known as brainwaves, reflect our state of mind.  Reality is not based on outside influences but is an internal process based on our thoughts, perception and emotions.  If we deepen our understanding of these brainwave frequencies, we can control our reality. Maybe even bringing us better waves!

Take the practice of beholding and playing with the abundance waves, (i.e. the abundance that surrounds you), into your daily life, and do it with a caring community of surfers and just be yourself!

Pick your wave, pick your way into operating at your optimal level.

Book your private class or contact us to see our current class schedule

Classes: $15 pp/ min $60

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