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2021 is going to be amazing !!

It’s on!!

Our 1-1 sessions are being offered this year under a new name !!!!

Please allow me to introduce

Express YourSelf

Health & Wellness Mentorship Program 2021

Now open for enrollment this 1 year virtual health and wellness mentorship training begins anytime this month and through the end of January. January is the first month where payment is required. December is our compliments and our show of commitment to your health & wellbeing. So for anyone who is ready to get started or give a gift reach out for help.

This amazing offering includes all the tools you will need to step fully into your life in ways that feel empowered and good to you, 4 check ins a month, anytime email support and a custom plan just for you and your special dreams, intentions, and requests for support ❤️ I will be the main support person and based on your unique path I will set you up with the most amazing spiritual and wellness healers, practitioners, and teachers.. it’s going to be an awesome year!! Includes yoga, Ayurveda, meditation, diet & lifestyle, relationship and sexuality, spirituality, self care, and empowerment coaching 💪💯🙌

Custom designed program designed to :

🧡 help you feel better,

🧡 awaken or walk with more strength and clarity in your gifts,

🧡 work intuitively with where you are each day to help you live the best life you can in harmony with your soul and the people in your life.

🧡 realize your Dreams & live an empowered life

This easy to participate in program will give you the support you need to come from a place of stability in mind and body to do whatever it is your heart calls.

Have you ever wondered what your special gift to offer your community and family and the world are?

Would you like to fully walk in your power with clarity and feeling fulfilled?

Are you ready to fulfill your higher purpose?

With the goal to make this available to anyone who wants it this Program investment is $ 222 usd a month and includes all sessions with Chetana Karla Shakti~ 4 x 1 hour consultation one on one sessions to fulfill your intentions, full email support for 1 year and most likely develop a wonderful relationship that can continue over the years.

For $444 a month you can have 2 sessions a week with multiple practitioners.

Get real. Get clear. Live your dream every day.

Begin today

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