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Updated: Oct 12, 2018

Hi Everyone, a shout out here from Uvita, Costa Rica.

Home of Envision Festival : https://envisionfestival.com/about-envision/ & our International Massage Therapy Certification Program. We are 3h33m from San Josรฉ Airport (SJO)

This blog is something that has been a long time in coming. Thanks to my mom for ever-instilling amazing ideas and motivation my way & my Dad for giving me the space to do it::: dreams really do come true. I am living my best life possible and happy to share the Journey with you.

Also check out my IG @gratefulmassage

๐Ÿ“ท @jjtho

: : : : Blessed Life : : : :

Life is a creation in motion.

These days I feel so blessed to be able and fortunate enough, and strong enough, and guided enough.. to be me.

Looking forward to sharing my journey as a mom, a surfer, a therapist, healing arts practitioner, adventurer, yogi, healthy food person.

Thank you for your support and for your braveness & fierceness to walk in a way that resonates with you Soul.



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