Soul SiStars Talk Full Moon Satsang ::: Aug 22 @ 2:22 pst

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Satsang ~ being in Community, translated from Sanskrit as truth company, and being in the company of the wise. Satsang, according to several texts of yoga, is one of the great doorways to inner freedom. It brings fulfilment, contentment, and inner peace. It can be a place to find comfort and solace. For us it usually leads to feeling inspired, on purpose, and ready for what is next !

Yiota & Chetana have been connecting hearts and setting the intentions leading up to this full moon and will be going Live tomorrow on Insta and YouTube at 2:22 pst with Soul SiStars Talk, Community Satsang. The recording will be put on the website.

Here you can catch it on the replay

During Full Moon the moon is at an energetic peak and well known as one of the best times to raise the largest amount of energy for work of any kind. It is a great time to celebrate what is completing and to welcome in with love and eagerness what is on its way

The Full Moon traditionally shines a bright beam on whatever is coming full-circle into our life, highlighting culminations, realizations, manifestations in the physical realm.

August’s full Sturgeon Moon reaches its peak on Sunday morning, August 22, 2021. So, be sure to look up both tonight and Sunday nights!

The full moon is an amazing time to honour

Completion~ What is completing for you, to celebrate what you have achieved, to release anything that no longer serves you and step into the next day fresh and ready to manifest and create with a clear slate. We can burn it, dance it, shed it, purify w water, just breathe... it all goes, that’s how powerful we and the Moon are::: not sure how we will do it tomorrow exactly::: what I do know is it’s going to be fun and nourishing for the soul 😌

Tomorrow at 2:22pm Pst, so 3:22 in Nica and Costa Rica, 17:22 in Ontario, 12:22 in France, and 7am in Australia, and 5am in Bali, Yiota and I will be going live with Soul SiStars Talk, Satsang~ Community Gathering streaming live on insta and YouTube from Grateful Surf Yoga Ayurveda in Vancouver, Canada & San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua gathering in community join Yiota & Chetana for a full moon ritual and meditation and satsang. Our topic for this broadcast is ::: 💛🌝🤍Journeying with the Moon 🤍🌝💛 ::: Our plan is to host this every full moon virtually and in person on our personal retreats::: grab your favorite drink, maybe some cacao (A

Ritual fave of Chetana) , a journal, find yourself a sweet spot, and relax with us and enjoy time in Community 💚

Tomorrow, in this amazing community of dreamers, manifestors, fun, caring, global creators, and authentic people we will experience firsthand what good community can bring and how empowering and uplifting it is 🌸😌🙏and remind each other what it feels like to feel happier than we ever have before and aligned and on purpose. Come as clear as you can and let’s begin again 💜💜💜









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