Soul SiStars Talk - New Moon Satsang Sept 6th 2021 - Tap Out to Tap In

We loved deep and connected wildly today under this beautiful auspicious new moon in Virgo.

The topic Tap out to Tap in brought up some good conversation followed by a meditation focused on kindness to the self.

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Here of some of the keys that came out of tapping into this Topic:

15 Useful reminders on How to Tap out and Tap IN :

1. Mindful =. Joyful

2. There’s only one thing we can control! And that is how we feel.:.. we can eat something that sends up into a certain state, we can add or take away some sensory input, we can go inward, we can tune in to who we really are We can give ourselves permission to do what we really love to do . This causes how we feel to shift

3. Act appropriately to the present moment !!

Listening and focus inward, ie not thinking about what is happening or talking about what is happening, rather listening to what is happening. Listen w kindness~ that’s all that is really required. The body will relax bringing ease to yourself and those around you.

4. Attention and intention- Protect that plot.

5. Deep fill vs cheap thrill. Borrowing energy w sensual pleasures vs generating energy. What sustains you when all else falls away. Being connected can be self-sustaining. This is where the juice is.

6. We have the most fun when we can bring all of who we are to the table. Obviously :)

7. When Listening deeply we will be speaking less and we speak from a place from more clarity and wisdom.. Listening encapsulates so many things related to meditation.. when we focus… we will be speaking form a place of more potency.

8. Chetana talks about her experience with ppl with all abilities.. adaptive.. when she worked for the Whistler Adaptive Sports Program: " you learn to listen and communicate in a different way. I am grateful for that time and thru that listening I was able to learn a lot of things.. A good attitude, listening to your own body, getting to know your body and its vocabulary, and diet end life style goes a long way and may even be everything . "


Listening to the sounds and calls of the divine

bring everything in line.

Tapping out of situations and circumstances that are no longer or not in line with who and what we choose.

“Freedom is something inner; it is of the consciousness. You can be free anywhere – chained, in a jail, you can be free – and you can be unfree outside the jail, in your own home, visibly absolutely free, but you will be a prisoner if your consciousness is not free.”


9. Listening .. just sit and relax.. focus, you can enter in and out of worlds of your choosing..What are you going to tune into today… Your own story? Natures story.. your friends story,, your breaths story.. by choosing what you focus on you choose the world you live in in each moment.. you can shift where you focus Have you ever noticed if you look over there and focus, look over there and focus.. everything changes.. wow 10. Find the alignment before you take the action = deliberate action & creation. If you offer deliberate control about it, you focus yourself on purpose and then you see what you’ve focused on manifest. When you see the results of your focus you trust what you see and experience And realize this means this, this means this. Experience Tracking = When this happens this happens, developing your own dialogue with your body and other energies. 11. You can control the feeling by controlling the thoughts Tip: pay attention to how you feel when you wake up and what can I do different to improve how I feel now ? For me it’s yoga~ crawl my way to the mat Revel in the clarity of how amazing life is Your work: to stay in that feeling plate and control your vibration : by what you eat, what you sensory input, what do, etc You are the creator. tap in ! Are you going to tap in and get to the know the beautiful realities that unfold ? Get on to your high flying plane. Get your momentum going If you don’t have your momentum going you can get drawn into what someone else is doing - if you don’t have goals you can become a part of ppl goals and if they are high vining and alignment then that’s great if not then it’s less than ideal The best way to be in good feeling is to get your own feeling going and then flow with others in a good momentum when it’s available. Self/ the god that resides in us first ! Dios primero 12. Controlling momentum is the name of the game !! When you are in the zone ideas come to you Your path is leading you to get into alignmentThe rest is a falling into place I want to feel better Feel good w no good reasonBefore all I want comes true That is creating vinrwtionalku 13. Trust that your prayers have been heard and will be answered In divine timing Growth on the path, and the path is always changing. You can choose to see that maybe I’m ok let’s see what happens. Mistakes are ok. You are ok. Nothing is wrong w being sick... if we fear making mistakes we don’t grow .. take away the stigmatism about being sick, being different, making mistakes. When you move past your own story of guilt you become free really fast. Must be tried, experienced to be perceived. 14. Work with the moon cycle to focus and set intentions. This new moon (Yiota) it is about abundance, asking yourself where can you fill. Passion and power —— Mars up in connection w Pluto - rebirth. Where can you direct your passion? Where do you feel most powerful, most aligned, and... are you ready to be reborn? to release every little thing that ever was, that anyone was and be fresh and allow those in your community to also be welcomed back home as the new person they are now. Let's welcome each other home. 15. Meditate! This moon's meditations focused listening w our hearts, imagining a golden globe of light filtering kindness into every cell in our bodies Tuning in .. and listening deeply w your hands. The truth of you is worthy of love We very much hope you enjoyed. Please sign up for our blog or email updates to stay in the loop. see you next time, for the full moon, wishing you all the best all ways, Chetana & Yiota

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