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Reyyan's California Adventure

Updated: Sep 6, 2023


Nestled (verb)

  • Meaning: To settle or lie comfortably within or against something.

  • Example: The cozy cabin was nestled among the trees, providing a perfect hideaway.

Marveled (verb)

  • Meaning: To be filled with wonder or astonishment.

  • Example: Reyann marveled at the breathtaking view from the mountaintop.

Grandeur (noun)

  • Meaning: Splendor or impressiveness, especially of appearance or style.

  • Example: The grandeur of the palace left Reyann in awe of its beauty and opulence.

Iconic (adjective)

  • Meaning: Widely recognized and well-established as a symbol.

  • Example: The Hollywood sign is an iconic symbol of the entertainment industry.

Basking (verb)

  • Meaning: To take great pleasure or satisfaction in something.

  • Example: Reyyan enjoyed basking in the warm California sun on the sandy beach.

Rugged (adjective)

  • Meaning: Having a rough, uneven, or rocky surface.

  • Example: The rugged terrain of Yosemite National Park was challenging to hike but incredibly beautiful.

Savored (verb)

  • Meaning: To enjoy or appreciate something fully, especially by taking one's time.

  • Example: Reyann savored every bite of the delicious clam chowder in the sourdough bread bowl.

Gratitude (noun)

  • Meaning: The quality of being thankful and showing appreciation.

  • Example: Reyann felt deep gratitude for the wonderful experiences she had in California.

Familiarity (noun)

  • Meaning: The quality of being well-known and recognized due to frequent exposure.

  • Example: Reyyan found comfort in the familiarity of her hometown after returning from her travels.

Sparkled (verb)

  • Meaning: To shine with small flashes of light; to be lively and full of energy.

  • Example: Reyyan's eyes sparkled with excitement as she shared her travel stories with her friends.

Reyyan's California Adventure - A Short Story

Once upon a time, in a small city in the heart of Turkey, there lived a teenage girl named Reyyan. Reyyan had always dreamt of adventure, of exploring new places and experiencing the world beyond her city. Little did she know that her dream was about to come true.

One sunny day, Reyyan's parents surprised her with exciting news. "Reyyan," her mother said with a smile, "Guess what? Your Uncle Kursat and Aunt Margaret, who live in Sunny Weale, California, have invited you to visit them this summer!"

Reyyan's eyes lit up with joy. "California? That sounds great! I'm nervous about being alone on the airplane however I am ready to go !!

And so, the preparations began. Reyyan and her family packed her bags, said their goodbyes and she boarded a plane bound for the land of sunshine and dreams.

When she arrived in California, Reyyan was amazed by the tall palm trees, the sandy beaches, and the beautiful weather. Her Aunt and Uncle welcomed her with open arms, and the adventure began. She was really impressed by the size of the roads, she was amazed by the amount of vehicles on the road and the size of the vehicles. Reyyan observed that there were a lot of Tesla brand vehicles. This was nice because she loves Tesla and it made her like she was at home.

Reyyan enjoyed her Aunt and Uncle's city. She really liked the garden, and spending time with her young cousin. Every day they would go downtown and play. During these time Reyyan practiced her English a lot since her cousin doesn't speak Turkish. Reyyan felt fortunate to swim at the local pool, make some art, and make some new friends.

Their first vacation was to the stunning city of San Fransisco. Reyyan marveled at the famous Golden Gate Bridge, visited Berkely College, and ate a delicious meal of Poke.

Along with exploring the country, she passed her time studying, developing her English, and practicing swimming.

California had so much to offer. She liked it a lot. Reyyan explored the town they lived in and the beautiful beaches along the Pacific Coast. She really enjoyed spending time with her young cousin Leyla and having fun in the city. She liked basking in the warmth of the sun and walking along the shore of the Ocean. One day when she was walking, a big wave came and got her soaking wet. After that her shoes were so wet that she had to walk barefoot for the rest of the afternoon. Uncle Kursat offered her a pair of his shoes, that he had in the car, to wear however they were waaaaaay toooo big!! She appreciated the offer though. Thanks Uncle Kursat!! :)

As the days turned into weeks, Reyyan's felt filled with happiness for the amazing adventures she was having in California. At the same time, she also was looking forward to being back in Turkey. She would like to see her parents and brothers, her friends, her room, sleep in her bed, and was looking forward to speaking her native language of Turkish.

Finally, the day came when Reyyan and her family had to bid farewell to Uncle Kursat, Aunt Margaret, their daughter, and to California. Tears welled up in her eyes as she boarded the plane back to Turkey. She knew she was leaving behind a world of wonder, but she also knew she would be back.

Back in Turkey, Reyyan was happy to be home. She shared stories of her time abroad with her friends and family, and her eyes sparkled with excitement. Reyyan had realized that while travel could take you to far-off places, it could also bring you back home with a heart full of memories and a deep appreciation for the beauty of your own corner of the world. She knew that one day, she would once again go on more adventures, but for now, she was happy to be home with the love of her family and the familiarity of Turkey.

Practice Exercises:

Exercise 1: Subject-Verb Agreement Choose the correct verb form to complete each sentence.

  1. She __________ (is/are) a talented musician.

  2. The dogs in the park __________ (barks/bark) loudly every morning.

  3. My brother and I __________ (enjoy/enjoys) playing chess together.

  4. The cake on the table __________ (look/looks) delicious.

  5. Many students __________ (has/have) already completed their assignments.

Exercise 2: Past Tense Rewrite the following sentences in the past tense.

  1. She sings a beautiful song.

  2. They go to the beach every summer.

  3. He teaches English at the local school.

  4. I eat breakfast at 7 AM every day.

  5. The movie starts at 8 PM tonight.

Exercise 3: Prepositions Fill in the blanks with the correct prepositions: in, on, at, by, with, for, to.

  1. I will meet you __________ the park.

  2. The book is __________ the shelf.

  3. She is allergic __________ cats.

  4. We have a meeting __________ 2 PM.

  5. They traveled __________ train __________ Paris.

Exercise 4: Articles (A, An, The) Choose the correct article (a, an, or the) to complete the sentences.

  1. I saw __________ interesting movie last night.

  2. He is __________ excellent chef.

  3. Can you pass me __________ salt, please?

  4. They live in __________ old house.

  5. She wants to be __________ astronaut.

Exercise 5: Present Continuous Write the present continuous form of the verbs in parentheses.

  1. She (read) __________ a book right now.

  2. They (play) __________ soccer in the park.

  3. I (work) __________ on a project for school.

  4. He (watch) __________ his favorite TV show.

  5. We (eat) __________ dinner at the moment.

Answer Key:

Exercise 1: Subject-Verb Agreement

  1. is

  2. bark

  3. enjoy

  4. looks

  5. have

Exercise 2: Past Tense

  1. She sang a beautiful song.

  2. They went to the beach every summer.

  3. He taught English at the local school.

  4. I ate breakfast at 7 AM yesterday.

  5. The movie started at 8 PM last night.

Exercise 3: Prepositions

  1. in

  2. on

  3. to

  4. at

  5. by, to

Exercise 4: Articles (A, An, The)

  1. an

  2. an

  3. the

  4. an

  5. an

Exercise 5: Present Continuous

  1. is reading

  2. are playing

  3. am working

  4. is watching

  5. are eating

IELTS about:

Here are 10 tips from IELTS Experts, and plenty of practice, you will be well on your way to building your confidence and getting the IELTS band score you need.

Summary of lengths:

Part 1 summary: prepare 4-5 minute conversation

Part 2 summary: prepare 1 minute, speak 2 minutes

Part 3 summary: prepare 1 minute, speak 4-5 minutes

For both IELTS on paper and IELTS on computer, the face-to-face Speaking test is made up of three parts. By understanding what happens in these three parts of the Speaking test, you will be better prepared.

Part 1

In Part 1, you will have a 4 to 5 minute conversation with an IELTS examiner about yourself. Topics might include:

  • Work

  • Family

  • Home life

  • Personal interests

Part 1 summary: prepare 4-5 minute conversation

Part 2

In Part 2 of the Speaking test, you will be given a card with a topic. You will be given one minute to take notes on the topic and will be given a pencil and paper to prepare your response, you will then speak on the topic for two minutes.

Part 2 summary: prepare 1 minute, speak 2 minutes

Part 3

In Part 3, you will have a conversation with the IELTS examiner around the topic given in part 2, discussing it in more detail. Part 3 should take approximately 4 to 5 minutes to complete.

Part 3 summary: prepare 1 minute, speak 4-5 minutes

IELTS Discussion Questions:

  • How easy is it to travel around your country?

  • Do you like travelling?

  • When you visit new places what do you like to do?

  • Would you say your country is a good place for travellers to visit?

  • Do you think your hometown is a good place for a holiday?

Guided IELTS Discussion:

1. Describe a tourist attraction you once visited


  • When you visited it

  • Where is it situated

  • Whom you went with

  • and say what about it you like the most

2. Describe a beautiful place you once visited


  • when you went to this place

  • where it was

  • whom you went with

  • and say why you liked it so much.

3. Describe a bicycle, motorbike or car trip you would like to go on.


  • Where would you like to go

  • How would you like to go there

  • Whom would you like to go with

  • And explain why you would like to go there by car, motorbike or bike

IELTS Part 3 Practice Questions and Sample Answers:


Do people in your country like to travel?

  • Yes, people in India enjoy traveling. India is a large and diverse country with many beautiful places to visit. People here are eager to explore new places, whether it's with friends during vacations or weekends.

How has traveling changed compared to several decades ago?

  • Traveling in India has changed over the years due to the growing population and economic development. Nowadays, people travel not just to see new places but also to share their travel experiences on social media. Travel has become more affordable, comfortable, and faster. Content creators often visit places, document their experiences, and share them online.

When do people travel as tourists, and whom do they usually go with?

  • Tourists in India typically travel with family, friends, or loved ones. They often take short trips to neighboring countries, family vacations, or extended journeys. Tourists are attracted to India, especially the southern part, during April-May and December, when they can enjoy the beautiful beaches. Traveling with loved ones creates memorable adventures.

Do you think travel can change people's ways of thinking?

  • Travel can positively impact people's communication skills, patience, and empathy. It broadens one's understanding of the world, encourages interactions with diverse cultures, and fosters personal growth. Travelers become more open-minded, less judgmental, and optimistic.

What are the disadvantages of not traveling?

  • Not traveling means missing out on educational, health, and cultural experiences. It can lead to missed opportunities to learn new languages and cultures. Additionally, not taking breaks from daily life can increase stress, hinder personal growth, and limit self-discovery.

Traveling in Cities

How do most people in your country travel to work?

  • In India, most people either own two-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicles. Those without private vehicles rely on public transportation like buses, the metro, local trains, or subways.

People in cities used to like living downtown but now prefer suburbs. Why is that?

  • Suburbs offer more space, tranquility, and a lower cost of living compared to crowded city centers. Cities have become increasingly congested with a growing population, making suburbs an attractive option for a peaceful lifestyle.

What is the impact of vehicles on people's lives?

  • Private vehicles, while convenient, can make people lazier and contribute to increased fuel consumption. People often use vehicles even for short trips, which can lead to environmental concerns.

Do people in your country prefer to walk or take a car for short trips?

  • Many people prefer walking for very short trips, like going to a nearby grocery shop. Walking is environmentally friendly, boosts metabolism, enhances health, and saves energy.

How can big cities deal with the problem of overcrowding?

  • Cities can address overcrowding by providing better information for travel planning, improving infrastructure, and encouraging technology parks in suburban areas to reduce congestion.

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