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Diet & Lifestyle Counselling



Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultations with Ayurvedic Practitioner Chetana Karla Shakti, ALC, EYT, CMT Using the principles of Ayurveda, we address with your physical & mental health and give you clear concise ways to feel better and achieve your goals.


By identifying the root cause of any areas for improvement or imbalances, you’ll leave empowered with a plan to enhance your wellbeing. What does a typical consultation entail?  During a typical Ayurvedic Lifestyle consultation, your practitioner will review your lifestyle, history, and present state, including factors related to stress and stress management.


Based on this holistic assessment, individualized recommendations based on your unique mind and body constitution (dosha) will be developed.


Guidance during an Ayurvedic Lifestyle consultation may include:


  • Personalized stress management techniques that will allow you to wash away any tension, fear, or conditioned thought-patterns that cloud the mind.

  • Dietary recommendations to reduce any issues, inflammation, and identify proper diet and lifestyle routine and tips for your mind-body type to balance your body and reduce any imbalances.

  • Tools to overcome emotional challenges so you may begin to experience a greater emotional wellbeing.

  • Developing a daily routine and specific fitness exercises

  • Personal support to achieve your lifestyle goals and develop a daily routine (dinacharya) that serves you.


Ayurvedic Lifestyle consultations can benefit those dealing with a wide variety of health concerns including sleep disturbances, digestive issues, effects of stress, emotional challenges, and weight.

What Ayurveda Can Do For You

  • Improve your Quality of Life

  • Demystify your diet by providing clear instruction on what/how/when to eat

  • Pain Reduction or Elimination

  • Detoxification of your blood, organs, skin, thoughts, and beliefs

  • Stress Management

  • Blood Pressure Regulation

  • Increase Heart Health

  • Increase Confidence and Joy

  • Improve your Digestion

  • Eliminate Elimination Issues

  • Look and feel better

  • Better Relationships

  • Improved Sexual Function and Libido

  • Increase Fertility

  • Relief for Menstrual and Menopause Issues

  • Weight Normalization

  • Improved Athletic Performance

  • Deepened Spiritual Connection and Sense of Purpose

  • Increased Ability for Achievement and Success

  • Prevention of Disease

  • Eliminate Food Sensitivities and Allergy Management


Because phone or Skype consultations do not include a physical examination, they are not intended to diagnose or treat specific medical conditions. If needed, the patient may be advised to seek ongoing medical attention by a local health care provider.


The purpose of the Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultations is to provide insight and recommendations on lifestyle habits to engage the body’s natural healing ability. Usually you can develop a plan for and then follow up each month and make any fine-tuning adjustments and receive support.  Live far away or travel often? Enjoy a consultation from wherever you are! Online sessions or in person at Sunset Body Works or another local Uvita space.

To schedule an appointment or learn more, email or call us today. 


60min Ayurvedic Coaching & Consultation:  $80

Intro to Ayurveda Workshop: depends on amount of ppl in your group and length of course. Please send us a message for your quote.

More about Ayurveda: 


Ayurveda is an ancient Indian system of medicine. It uses a wide range of treatments and techniques. There is no reliable evidence to support its use as a treatment for cancer.


  • Ayurvedic medicine uses a range of treatments and techniques

  • Ayurvedic medicine as a treatment for cancer is not backed up by research

  • Some of the treatments might have severe side effects

What is Ayurvedic Medicine? 

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian system of medicine which began about 5,000 years ago. It is not just one treatment. It is a way of diagnosing illness and using a wide range of treatments and techniques.

Ayurveda is an Indian word. Ayur means life and veda means science = Science of Life

Ayurvedic medicine can include:

  • advice on diet and special diets

  • taking specific Ayurvedic medications

  • herbal medicine

  • massage

  • meditation

  • yoga, breathing and relaxation techniques

  • bowel cleansing

An Ayurvedic practitioner might suggest any or all of these treatments. It will depend on your particular health problems.

Ayurvedic medicine believes that health problems happen when your mind, body and spirit are out of balance.

Ayurvedic practitioners believe we are made up of 3 elements known as doshas.

These are:

  • air and space (vata dosha) which allows movement

  • fire and water (pitta dosha) which allows for change and handles digestion and metabolism

  • water and earth (kapha dosha) which gives structure or cohesion

These 3 doshas let the body's organs work together in harmony. They also create your relationship with the environment and universe.

When they are in balance in a person according to that persons unique constitution people will feel good and notice an

  • increase energy and wellbeing

  • decrease in stress

  • increase in vitality and health


60min Ayurvedic Coaching & Consultation:  $80

Intro to Ayurveda Workshop: depends on amount of ppl in your group and length of course. Please send us a message for your quote.

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