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"Go to" or "Go to the" Grammar

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

The use of "to" and the presence or absence of "the" in expressions like "go to bed," "go to school," "go home," and "go to the store" is influenced by the specific context and the nature of the location or activity being referred to. Let's break down the patterns:

Without "to" and "the":

  • "go home": This is a common phrase where "home" is used without the preposition "to." It's an exception to the general pattern of using "to" before a destination.

  • "go to bed": Here, "bed" is treated as a destination, but "to" is used without "the."

With "to" but without "the":

  • "go to school": In this case, "to" is used to indicate the direction or goal of the movement (going to school), and "the" is not used before "school" in this context.

With both "to" and "the":

  • "go to the store": In this example, both "to" and "the" are used. This pattern often occurs when referring to specific locations, such as stores, parks, theaters, etc.

  • "go to the park": Similar to the store example, "to" and "the" are used when referring to a specific park.

The choice of using "to" and "the" depends on whether the location is specific or general. If it's a general place or an essential part of daily life, it might not use "the." If it's a specific location, "the" is often included. Additionally, certain expressions have established patterns that may not strictly follow general rules.


  • "I need to go to bed."

  • "She went to school early."

  • "Let's go home."

  • "They went to the store to buy groceries."

  • "We'll go to the park on Saturday."

  • "He went to the hospital to visit a friend."

In summary, the use of "to" and "the" in these expressions is a matter of idiomatic usage and specific conventions for different types of locations or activities.


Here are some exercises to practice the usage of "go to" and "go to the":

Exercise 1: Fill in the blanks with "to" or "to the" as appropriate:

  1. I need to ___ bed early tonight.

  2. They decided to go ___ park for a picnic.

  3. Let's go ___ store and buy some supplies.

  4. Sarah goes ___ school by bus every day.

  5. He always goes ___ home after work.

  6. The children went ___ bed after a long day of playing.

  7. We're planning to go ___ beach this weekend.

  8. She went ___ hospital to visit her grandmother.

  9. Can you go ___ kitchen and grab me a glass of water?

  10. I love to go ___ library and read books.

Exercise 2: Choose the correct option: "to" or "to the."

She went ___ school to pick up her kids.

  • a) to

  • b) to the

Let's go ___ store before it closes.

  • a) to

  • b) to the

He decided to go ___ bed early last night.

  • a) to

  • b) to the

We usually go ___ park for a walk in the evening.

  • a) to

  • b) to the

Can you go ___ kitchen and get the salt for me?

  • a) to

  • b) to the

Exercise 3: Write sentences using "go to" or "go to the."

  1. Create a sentence using "go to bed."

  2. Write a sentence using "go to the store."

  3. Construct a sentence with "go to the park."

  4. Form a sentence using "go to school."

  5. Come up with a sentence using "go to the hospital."

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