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Life On Earth - Chapter 5 - Mars and the Message

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

Chapter Five

Mars and the Message

In the super-duper huge realm of space where the stars and planets live, something amazing happened to Orion. He got a secret message from some friends who who lived really far away on Mars, the red planet. These Martian friends were having some problems and needed help to believe in themselves. Orion was a brave and caring space traveler and he wasn't up to much when he got the message, so he decided to go to Mars and help them.

When Orion's cool spaceship landed on the reddish ground of Mars, he was met by a curious young scientist named Madelyn. She was excited to meet Orion and show him around the colony, which was like a big family living on Mars. These friends had left Earth a long time ago to make a new home on Mars. But sometimes, they felt unsure and worried. They needed to learn how to trust their feelings, those thoughts that come from deep inside without any special reason.

Orion and Madelyn gathered the smartest people from the colony and planned something super fun. They made a fire and had yummy juice. Orion told exciting stories about his space adventures and how he learned to listen to his own feelings. He told them it's important to pay attention to the little voice inside their hearts and the feelings that guide them. Orion said that being sure of themselves and believing in their choices was really, really important.

Together, they did something magical. They sat under the sparkling Mars stars and practiced something called "starlight meditations." They closed their eyes and imagined being connected with their own hearts. They learned to think about things that were really important to them, and they let their feelings guide them. It was like a special way to get rid of worries and feel more confident. Even Madelyn, the young scientist, felt more clear-headed!

Orion had a super idea to help them feel even stronger. They planted special "Confidence Seeds" in a garden. These were like wishes to grow more confident. They watered these wishes with determination, and guess what? Plants started to grow, showing how their confidence was growing too.

One day, Orion shared his own space adventure story. It was about times when he felt scared but kept believing in himself. He told them to believe in their own dreams and in each other. The story gave them so much hope!

To celebrate their progress, the colony had a celebration. They put shiny lights all around and made shapes like stars in the sky. These shapes showed their special qualities: listening to feelings, being sure of themselves, and believing. They danced, sang, and told stories under Mars' red sky, having a super time and feeling changed inside.

When it was time for Orion to leave Mars and go back to his space adventures, he had a special party with all his new Martian friends. They told him thank you for helping them. Orion told them that they should always trust their feelings and keep being confident and believing, even when he wasn't there.

As years went by, the colony on Mars became super great! The Martian friends remembered what Orion taught them. They kept listening to their feelings, being confident, and believing in themselves. Mars became like a shining example of hope and what can happen when you believe in yourself and follow your heart, just like Orion showed them.

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