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Practice: Talking Life Changing Experiences

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Describe a life changing experience.

You should say:

what happened
where it took place 
who was with you
and explain how it changed your life.

Working example from Junyoung:

I have had three life-changing experiences. The first was studying abroad in Germany, the second was the freedom I experienced in Nature, and the third was Paris, France. Today I will only talk about studying abroad in Germany.

My father was a soldier and he always told me to live honorably and to have a good relationship with others. One day, he suggested that I go to Germany to study. When I graduated from high school, I had a chance to do this. I was given an opportunity to receive a scholarship to University in Germany. I had been interested in Germany since my Father mentioned it to me. I was drawn to the special history and social structure of Europe, and Germany in particular.

So, after graduating from high school, I decided to study in Germany where I wanted to see and experience a bigger world. There I found that not only Germans but many foreigners live together as members of society. There is a lot of conflict between foreigners and nationals. Sometimes the relationships are in harmony and sometimes there is discrimination, as well as generosity and intolerance like other countries. Is that Life ? Maybe so.

My father's admonitions became my greatest strength in difficult situations, and I still think of my father even now. His teaching changed my life by teaching me how to live honorably and how to love amidst the ever- changing circumstances and adapt to the situation.

2nd assignment:

Write an email to someone you met recently and had some small talk with. What did you talk about, and would you like to see them again? Use phrasal verbs: meet up, show up, go ahead, come on, grow up, find out, come back, go out, take out, come up with

—Home work ——- From Sabina


Hi Karla,

How are you? We haven’t seen each other for a long time. You are welcome to come to Korea. I can pick up you up or meet you at the Airport. I can show you the city, the shopping mall, and the electronic shop. We can go to eat Korean food. We could go out to have not only a cultural experience but also we can surf together. You are always active and adventurous. Tell me, how is everything going? What is new?

I made a tentative plan for when you come. Here it is:

We can visit many provinces, we can visit yoga institutes, and have a lot of fun. You are a person who has created a genre of Yoga about how to Self-Heal Using Ayurveda, a wonderful system of healing. You understand digestion as well. How is your family? Your son looks like he is growing up in a natural environment so he will be very smart. I want to see him. Can you bring him? By the way, I am going to go to Nicaragua next summer. I want the diverse experience. How long does it take by plane from Ottawa to Nicaragua? In Nicaragua we can chat all night. I will just stay 1 week and come back home. First though I will see you in Korea, we will have an amazing experience !

Warm Regards,


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