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7 Best mixes for detox water

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

Although detox water is simple and easy to make, there are definitely a few items we can recommend that you use for making your experience more fun and efficient;

Tools for making our 7 Best Mixes for Detox Water:

A) Muddler

B) Lemon press

C) Mason jars or any glass jars

D) Strainer

In a jar, put ingredients and muddle together until softer texture. Mix with filtered water, refrigerate and enjoy.

**If kept in fridge more than 48 hours, remove fruits & herbs with a strainer.

1) Lemon, strawberry, mint

2) Lime, orange, ginger

3) Lime, cucumber, basil

4) Apple, cinnamon sticks, 1 tbl spoon apple cider vinegar

5) Green tea, cucumber, blueberry

6) Watermelon, aloe, mint

7) Grapefruit, rasberry, rosemary

Simply, naturally, & blissfully your Partner on the Path,


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