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Be full now ! Working with the full moon!!

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Fully ready, fully willing, fully complete!

Often used in ritual to acknowledge what is completing for us is the full moon!! I love to work with the moon and it is my pleasure to show you how to too!! It is a way to recognize we are not the same person we were when we walked into this ritual, this moment, nor will we be when we leave. Ritual is also fantastic bc it helps community/ family recognize that our loved ones are not the same so that we may all begin and allow ourselves to begin anew and support each other in the highest possible ways. You have heard: the time is now, there is only the present, this ties in w ritual and presence. Recognize your loved ones as the person they are in this moment, allow yourselves all the chance to really live. Acknowledge the now in each other~ who you are in this moment. See in this moment, allow yourself to be free of the judgments and actions of the past. Just be, here, now. Looking at your loved one as the new person they are in this moment.

Under this full moon or the upcoming one, If you like, join me in a full moon ritual. Please let me know you have read this and we can set a date for a time to do a full moon ritual!!

Under the full moon, or anytime!!

We, and you can do this now, invoke the energies for our greatest and highest good, calling in all our Ancestors and guides, whatever resonates w you, maybe it’s angels, the energies of bliss, nature, Christ consciousness, connecting to the 5D, again call in whatever resonates with you.

Let’s recognize what is completing for us in this moment. I did this yesterday and it was something else. Bc I’ve moved on, as I do, I don’t remember what that was but it felt good. Let’s check in now: what is completing for you. What can you celebrate for your life and your personal journey. Is there anything that has ended, a chapter perhaps that has closed?

Take a moment to give thanks using specifics,

And breathe

Ask yourself: How would I like my life to look moving forward, who would I like to be? And a personal favourite of mine: how would I like to feel? Am I contributing to the advancement of the masculine and feminine within myself and others?

My Loves, today let's reflect on the thoughts, words and actions we send to the men and women in and outside of our lives and our Selves. Our Leaders, Neighbours, Community, Friends and Family, our Selves.

I've had to reset many beliefs and actions I picked up along the way of life from the collective that weren’t serving my greatest and highest good.

I choose peace over fighting.

I choose acceptance of myself over dissonance

I choose to go inward rather than be hurt by ignorance

I choose to walk away when I am called to

I choose to fight when I am guided to

I allow myself and others to be exactly who they want to be

I choose who I surround myself with

Shifting from feeling unsafe and unloved and behaving in congruence with that, to really embracing balancing myself and giving myself exactly what I need in a way where I can fully love myself and understand my true nature using #ayurveda #yoga #ritual #community #spiritualtools #indigenouswisdom #spirittechnologies and the like to fully support the people in my life in loving and being themselves. I believe everyone carries the information in their cells to fully realize their potential. Where are you on your path? What can you celebrate, call in more of, manifest for yourself today? What do you need to let go of to make room for that/ those? there can be tons. No need to be overwhelmed. Just go for it. Begin. Ritual can be done all day every day 💙🥰 #toolsforpeace #toolstofeelgood #acceptance #mentalhealth #spiritualpower #healing #personaldevelopment

At present we have a far way to go in our journey towards realizing our potential. In the meantime we must support ourselves to support the people who don’t know how to do the work yet. Grief has become normalized and many people have yet to learn how to release it. So many organizations and People around the world are tackling inner dissonance at the inner, community, and global level. What are some amazing groups of people doing amazing things that you know about? What can you celebrate about your inner growth today? What steps can you take to feel better #service 💜what do you want to bring in? Ask for help from your multi-dimensional fully ascended team.

We can each do our part by donating to an aid focused charity or community organization and being in a present state of mind when speaking and interacting with the people in and around our lives.

For me, I needed to pray and do ritual for many years. I follow(ed) my heart, follow(ed) my drive, asked for union w the divine, asked for consciousness, asked to be free of suffering, and eventually was shown my purpose

You are the best, I believe in you & me, and I salute you


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