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Cultivating Sustainable Peace

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

No matter where you are, no matter what you are doing peace is available

5 ways to sustain peace are:

1. Show up, really show up, for yourself every day by meditating or said another way : focusing on the present moment. This slows and eventually stops the kind chatter, brings clarity and eventually or perhaps right away, sustaining peace

2. Check yourself & those around you… Stop complaining whatsoever - watch very closely what comes out of your mouth and even close it as much as possible. Hang out w people who take spirituality seriously - also known as satsang/ sangha/ community ~ people who live connected give us wings

3. Spend time by yourself in your flow state - do breathing practices. This helps you purify the energy channels and start to really understand your unique energetic signature and language with Oneness.

4. Stay on your path. If you follow your dreams you will feel fulfilled and peace. If you falter you could be, for a time, swept up in someone else’s momentum. This also has benefits. In general tho more ppl connected to flow state running together is more ideal ::: feels better, more fun, and sustainable !!

5. Smile and chill out more doing what you love ! Be happier 🧡YOLO 🤩

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