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ESL Lesson - Pokemon - Develop Conversation Skills

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Level: A1-A2 above, B1-B2 below

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes

Objective: To improve conversational skills in English using a short story about Pokémon as a context.


This lesson has 3 short stories of different levels, skip to the story:

Warm Up Questions:

  1. Question 1: Have you ever made a new friend who seemed very different from you? How did you become friends?

  2. Question 2: Do you know any stories where two characters who are very different end up becoming friends? Can you tell us about one of those stories?

Vocabulary :

A level

  1. Lively: Full of energy, active, and cheerful.

  2. Curious: Eager to know or learn about something new.

  3. Accidentally: Happening by chance, without intention.

  4. Chuckled: Laughed softly in a quiet way.

  5. Embarrassed: Feeling self-conscious, awkward, or shy due to a situation.

  6. Mysterious: Difficult to understand or explain; having an air of secrecy.

  7. Giggling: Laughing in a light, happy manner.

  8. Fluttering: Moving quickly and lightly, often referring to the movement of wings or leaves.

  9. Proud: Feeling a sense of satisfaction or accomplishment for something well done.

  10. Teamwork: Working together as a group to achieve a common goal.

  11. Inspired: Motivated or influenced to do something positive.

  12. Pals: Informal term for friends or companions.

  13. Differences: The ways in which things or people are not the same.

  14. Grinned: Smiled broadly with pleasure or excitement.

  15. Unexpected: Surprising or not anticipated.

A Short Story : A Surprise Friendship - Squirtle and Charmander

A level

In a lively Pokémon world, there was a curious Squirtle named Sammy and a brave Charmander named Charlie. Sammy loved playing near the water, while Charlie enjoyed exploring the woods.

One sunny day, as Sammy splashed in a pond, he accidentally squirted water at Charlie who was passing by. Charlie looked surprised but then chuckled. "Nice shot, Squirtle!"

Sammy blushed. "I'm sorry! I was just having fun."

Charlie smiled. "No worries. I'm Charlie. What's your name?"

"I'm Sammy," Squirtle replied, feeling less embarrassed.

From that moment, they started talking and laughing. They discovered they both liked trying new things. Sammy shared funny stories about his pranks, and Charlie told tales of his adventures.

One day, they found a mysterious cave. "Should we go in?" Sammy asked, excited.

Charlie nodded, flames flickering. "Let's do it!"

Inside, they faced fluttering Zubats and crawled through tight spots. When they finally got out, they were covered in dirt and giggling.

As time went on, they became best friends. They helped each other. Sammy taught Charlie to swim, and Charlie showed Sammy how to build a campfire.

One day, they spotted a group of Pidgey flying toward them. Sammy had an idea. "Charlie, let's squirt water together!"

They aimed, squirted, and the Pidgey fluttered away in surprise. They high-fived, proud of their teamwork.

Their friendship inspired others. More Squirtles and Charmanders started playing together. Everyone saw that even different types could be pals.

One day, as they sat by the water, Sammy looked at Charlie. "Who would've thought a Squirtle and Charmander could be friends?"

Charlie grinned. "Our differences make us stronger, just like our friendship."

And so, their surprise friendship became a wonderful adventure that showed everyone the joy of unexpected friends.

Remember, you never know where a simple splash could lead to a special friendship like Sammy and Charlie's.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Who are the two main characters in the story?

  2. How did Sammy accidentally get Charlie wet?

  3. What was Charlie's reaction when Sammy squirted water on him?

  4. What did Sammy and Charlie discover inside the cave?

  5. How did Sammy and Charlie help each other become better friends?

More discussion questions:

  1. What did Sammy and Charlie do to surprise the group of Pidgey?

  2. How did Sammy and Charlie's friendship inspire other Pokémon?

  3. What lesson did Sammy and Charlie's friendship teach us?

  4. Why did Sammy and Charlie think their differences made them stronger?

  5. Why was their friendship called a "surprise friendship"?


Vocabulary :

B level

  1. Mischievous: Playfully causing trouble or annoyance; behaving in a playful, naughty way.

  2. Vibrant: Full of life, energy, and color; lively and dynamic.

  3. Mysterious: Difficult to understand or explain; having an air of secrecy or intrigue.

  4. Pranks: Tricks or playful actions intended to deceive, amuse, or surprise someone.

  5. Flutter: To move with quick, light, and irregular motions; to fly or move rapidly.

  6. Adventurous: Eager to explore new, exciting, and possibly risky activities or places.

  7. Annoyed: Feeling slightly angry or irritated by something.

  8. Amusement: The feeling of being entertained or finding something funny or enjoyable.

  9. Embarrassed: Feeling self-conscious, awkward, or uncomfortable due to being in a silly or awkward situation.

  10. Flickering: Shining or burning unsteadily or intermittently; moving quickly and irregularly.

  11. Hesitation: A moment of uncertainty or pause before making a decision or taking action.

  12. Hostile: Showing strong opposition, aggression, or unfriendliness.

  13. Unleash: To release or set free, often with force or suddenness.

  14. Ember: A small piece of burning or glowing material in a dying fire.

  15. Bravery: Showing courage and the willingness to face challenges, danger, or adversity.

  16. Mutual: Shared between two or more people or parties; felt or done by both sides.

  17. Understanding: Having empathy or comprehension of another person's feelings, motives, or situation.

  18. Acceptance: Embracing someone or something without judgment or resistance; approving or welcoming.

  19. Intrigue: Arouse curiosity or interest in something mysterious or fascinating.

  20. Drenched: wet thoroughly; soak.

A Short Story: The Unlikely Friendship- Squirtle and Charmander

B level

Once upon a time, in the vibrant world of Pokémon, there lived a mischievous Squirtle named Sammy and a fiery Charmander named Charlie. Sammy loved playing pranks on other Pokémon, while Charlie was always eager to explore new places.

One sunny day, Sammy had an idea. He decided to hide behind a tree and squirt water at passing Pokémon. As a group of Pidgey flew by, Sammy giggled and squirted water, causing the Pidgey to flutter away in surprise.

Meanwhile, Charlie was wandering near a rocky mountain. He spotted a mysterious cave entrance and felt an adventurous spark inside him. "I wonder what's inside," Charlie thought, his tail burning brightly.

As fate would have it, Sammy's next target was none other than Charlie himself. Sammy hid behind some bushes and aimed his water squirting attack. Just as he was about to squirt, he slipped on a wet rock and tumbled out of his hiding spot, splashing water everywhere.

Charlie turned around to see the drenched and embarrassed Squirtle. At first, he looked annoyed, but then he burst into laughter. "You're quite the prankster, aren't you?" Charlie chuckled, his flame flickering with amusement.

Sammy blushed and scratched his head. "Yeah, I guess I am. Sorry about that."

Charlie grinned and extended a clawed hand. "No worries! I'm Charlie, the adventurous Charmander."

Sammy shook Charlie's hand with a grin. "I'm Sammy, the mischievous Squirtle."

From that day on, Sammy and Charlie became fast friends. Sammy's pranks turned into playful games that they enjoyed together. They explored the Pokémon world, discovering hidden places and meeting new friends.

One day, as they ventured deep into a dark forest, they encountered a group of hostile Beedrill. Without hesitation, Charlie unleashed a powerful Ember attack, scaring the Beedrill away. Sammy was impressed and touched by Charlie's bravery.

As time passed, their bond grew stronger. They supported each other's strengths and helped each other overcome their weaknesses. Sammy taught Charlie to play by the water, and Charlie showed Sammy the thrill of exploring unknown territories.

Their unlikely friendship became an inspiration to all the Pokémon in their world. Squirtles and Charmanders, once known to be rivals, started forming their own friendships based on mutual understanding and acceptance.

And so, the tale of Sammy the Squirtle and Charlie the Charmander spread across the Pokémon world, reminding everyone that sometimes the most unexpected friendships can lead to the greatest adventures and joys.

Practice Exercises :

Exercise 1: Fill in the Blanks

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate vocabulary word from the list.

  1. The forest was so _______________ with colorful flowers and singing Pokémon.

  2. Sammy was known for his _______________ behavior, always coming up with clever tricks.

  3. The old house had a _______________ aura, making it perfect for a spooky story.

  4. Charlie's _______________ personality led him to explore caves and mountains.

  5. The Pidgey took off in a _______________ when they were squirted by Sammy's water attack.

  6. The _______________ of facing the unknown led Charlie to venture into the dark forest.

  7. After the accident, Sammy felt _______________ when he realized he had soaked Charlie.

  8. The silly video brought a lot of _______________ to everyone who watched it.

  9. The candle's flame was _______________ in the gentle breeze, casting shadows on the wall.

  10. Charlie's _______________ act of protecting his friends earned him their admiration.

Exercise 2: Sentence Completion

Complete each sentence with the correct vocabulary word from the list.

  1. When Sammy squirted water on Charlie, he felt _______________ but then laughed it off.

  2. The _______________ colors of the flowers in the garden caught everyone's attention.

  3. Charlie's _______________ nature led him to explore uncharted territories.

  4. Sammy's _______________ tricks often made other Pokémon giggle.

  5. The Pokémon's wings created a gentle _______________ as they flew by.

  6. The _______________ adventure of climbing the mountain filled Charlie with excitement.

  7. Despite being _______________ by the buzzing mosquitoes, the group continued their hike.

  8. The _______________ in the room increased as the funny movie played on the screen.

  9. Sammy's face turned red as he felt _______________ after slipping on a banana peel.

  10. The _______________ of the campfire provided warmth on the chilly night.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Who were the two main characters in the story?

  2. What kind of Pokémon was Sammy?

  3. What type of Pokémon was Charlie?

  4. What was Sammy's favorite thing to do?

  5. What did Charlie like to do in his free time?

  6. How did Sammy try to prank other Pokémon?

  7. What happened when Sammy tried to prank Charlie?

  8. Why did Charlie start laughing when he saw Sammy?

  9. How did Charlie scare away the Beedrill?

  10. What did Sammy and Charlie learn from their adventures together?

Practice Exercise Role-Play Dialogues

Imagine you are two characters from the Pokémon story. Use the given prompts to have a short conversation.

Dialogue 1: Ash and Pikachu

Ash: Hi Pikachu! How are you today?

Pikachu: Pika pika! (I'm good!)

Ash: Guess what? We have a gym battle tomorrow. Are you ready?

Pikachu: Pika! Pika! (Yes, I'm ready to battle!)

Dialogue 2: May and Brock

May: Hey Brock, have you seen the new Pokémon that evolved from Eevee?

Brock: Yes, I have. It's called Sylveon, and it's so cute!

May: I know, right? I want to catch one and train it.

Dialogue 3: Misty and Trainer

Misty: Hi there! I'm a Water-type Pokémon trainer. What about you?

Trainer: I'm a Fire-type Pokémon trainer. My Charmander is getting stronger every day. Misty: That's cool! Maybe we can battle sometime.

Dialogue 4: Sammy and Charlie's Friendship

Sammy: Hey Charlie, remember the time we first met? You were so surprised when I accidentally squirted water on you!

Charlie: Haha, yes! I was just minding my own business, and suddenly I got soaked. I thought you were some kind of water gun Pokémon!

Sammy: I was trying to prank some Pidgey, but I ended up splashing you instead. I was so embarrassed!

Charlie: Well, that accident brought us together, and I'm glad it did. We've had so many adventures since then.

Sammy: Remember the time we explored that dark forest and faced those Beedrill? You were really brave with your Ember attack!

Charlie: Oh yeah, those Beedrill were not happy to see us. But we managed to scare them away together. Teamwork, right?

Sammy: Definitely! I've learned a lot from you, Charlie. You taught me that there's more to life than just pranks.

Charlie: And you've shown me how to have fun and enjoy the little things. Like playing by the water and laughing at ourselves.

Sammy: It's funny how we started as total opposites, but now we're best friends.

Charlie: That's what makes our friendship special. We balance each other out.

Dialogue 5 : Sharing Stories with Other Pokémon

Sammy: Hey, have you ever told other Pokémon about our adventures, Charlie?

Charlie: All the time! I've told them about how we faced those Beedrill and explored the deep forest.

Sammy: Haha, I bet they were amazed by your Ember attack. They must think you're the coolest Charmander around.

Charlie: Well, I've also told them how you made me laugh with your pranks. They couldn't believe a Squirtle could be so mischievous.

Sammy: It's all in good fun! But you know, I've shared with them how you're more than just brave. You're a great friend who's always there for others.

Charlie: Thanks, Sammy. You're a great friend too. I've talked about how you've helped me see the fun side of life.

Sammy: I'm glad our friendship can inspire others. Remember, we're the proof that different Pokémon can get along and have the best adventures.

Charlie: Absolutely! Our friendship is like a story that keeps spreading, showing that even the most unlikely pairs can become the best of friends.

Dialogue 6 : Reflecting on Lessons Learned

Sammy: Charlie, as I look back on our adventures, I can't help but think about the lessons we've learned.

Charlie: You're right, Sammy. Our friendship has taught us so much. What's one lesson that stands out to you?

Sammy: Well, I've learned that it's important to think before I act. My pranks used to cause trouble, but now I try to use my energy for fun and positive things.

Charlie: That's a great lesson, Sammy. And you've taught me that it's okay to let loose and have fun, even if things don't always go as planned.

Sammy: Exactly! And your bravery has shown me the value of facing challenges head-on, even if they seem scary.

Charlie: You've also shown me the beauty of simplicity, like enjoying the water's coolness on a hot day.

Sammy: It's amazing how we've become better versions of ourselves through our friendship.

Charlie: Our strengths and quirks complement each other. It's like we bring out the best in each other.

Dialogue 7: Inspiring Other Pokémon

Sammy: Charlie, have you noticed how our friendship has influenced other Pokémon?

Charlie: Definitely. I've seen Squirtles and Charmanders playing together more often now.

Sammy: It warms my heart to know that our story has inspired others to break down barriers and make new friends.

Charlie: Our friendship has shown that differences don't have to divide us. We can learn from each other and grow together.

Sammy: And remember that time when a group of young Pokémon came up to us, asking about how we became friends?

Charlie: Oh, I do! They were curious about how a mischievous Squirtle and an adventurous Charmander became best buddies.

Sammy: We shared our story with them, and they left with smiles on their faces. It's like our story gave them hope.

Charlie: It's a reminder that the smallest acts of friendship can have a big impact on others.

Sammy: Our story is proof that unity and understanding can make the Pokémon world a better place.

Charlie: Let's keep sharing our story and encouraging others to embrace friendships beyond their own type.

These conversation scripts allow for more in-depth discussions about Sammy and Charlie's friendship, their experiences, and the lessons they've learned. They also touch on the impact their friendship has on other Pokémon and how it serves as an example of camaraderie and teamwork.


A Short Story: Pokémon Adventure in Pallet Town

Once upon a time in the peaceful town of Pallet, there lived a young boy named Alex. Alex was fascinated by Pokémon and dreamed of becoming a skilled Pokémon Trainer. Every morning, he would wake up early and run to the nearby fields to watch wild Pokémon play.

One sunny day, as Alex was watching a group of Pidgey flying around, he noticed a small, injured Pokémon limping nearby. It was a cute Eevee with a wounded paw. Without hesitation, Alex approached the Eevee carefully. "Hey there, little one," he said gently, kneeling down. "Don't worry, I'll help you."

Alex wrapped the Eevee's paw with a clean cloth he had in his bag. The Eevee looked at him with gratitude in its eyes. Alex realized that the Eevee needed more help than he could provide, so he decided to take it to Professor Oak, the renowned Pokémon researcher in Pallet Town.

When Alex arrived at Professor Oak's lab, he found the professor busy with some research. "Excuse me, Professor Oak," Alex said nervously. "I found this injured Eevee in the field. Can you help?"

Professor Oak looked at the Eevee and smiled. "Of course, young trainer. Let me take a look." After examining the Eevee's paw, Professor Oak nodded. "You've done a good deed, Alex. This Eevee will need some rest and care. Would you like to take care of it?"

Alex's eyes lit up with excitement. "Yes, Professor! I would love to take care of the Eevee and help it recover."

"Very well," Professor Oak said, handing Alex a small Pokémon care guide. "Remember, patience and kindness are key when taking care of Pokémon."

For the next few days, Alex dedicated his time to nursing the Eevee back to health. He cleaned its paw, fed it nutritious berries, and played gentle games to keep its spirits high. Slowly but surely, the Eevee's paw healed, and it began to trust Alex completely.

As their bond grew stronger, Alex realized that Eevee had a unique ability – it could evolve into different forms, each with its own type and strengths. He was faced with a tough decision: which evolution path should Eevee take? After a lot of thought, Alex decided to let Eevee choose its own evolution.

One day, as Alex and Eevee were playing near the river, Eevee suddenly began to glow. Its form changed, and before Alex's eyes, it evolved into a graceful Vaporeon, a Water-type Pokémon.

Alex couldn't believe his eyes. "You did it, Eevee! You chose your own path!"

Vaporeon nuzzled Alex affectionately, showing its happiness. From that day on, Alex and Vaporeon became an inseparable team. They embarked on adventures together, battling other trainers and exploring the vast Pokémon world.

And so, in the town of Pallet, a heartwarming friendship between a determined young trainer and a special Eevee-turned-Vaporeon blossomed, proving that with kindness, patience, and a little bit of adventure, dreams can come true in the world of Pokémon.

Discussion Questions:

  1. What is the name of the main character in the story?

  2. Where does the story take place?

  3. What kind of Pokémon did the main character find injured in the field?

  4. Who did the main character take the injured Pokémon to for help?

  5. What did Professor Oak give to the main character to help take care of the injured Pokémon?

  6. How did the injured Eevee evolve?

  7. What type of Pokémon did the Eevee evolve into?

  8. What qualities did the story emphasize when taking care of Pokémon?

  9. What did the main character and Vaporeon do together after becoming friends?

  10. What did the story teach us about dreams in the world of Pokémon?

Practice Exercise Role-Play Dialogues:

Conversation 1: Alex and Professor Oak

Alex: Good morning, Professor Oak! I wanted to show you something.

Professor Oak: Good morning, Alex. What do you have there?

Alex: Well, I found this injured Eevee in the field, and I didn't know what to do. Its paw was hurt.

Professor Oak: That's quite compassionate of you, Alex. Let me take a look at it.

Alex: Thank you, Professor. I want to help it, but I'm not sure how.

Professor Oak: You've done the right thing by bringing it here. Sometimes, Pokémon need a little extra care. Here's a Pokémon care guide to help you.

Alex: Wow, thanks, Professor Oak! I'll make sure to take good care of it.

Professor Oak: Patience and kindness are key, Alex. With time, you'll build a strong bond with the Eevee.

Alex: I'll do my best, Professor! I want to help this Eevee get better.

Professor Oak: I have no doubt you will, Alex. Remember, you can learn a lot from this experience.

Conversation 2: Alex and Vaporeon

Alex: Vaporeon, you've come a long way since I found you injured. I'm glad you're feeling better.

Vaporeon: Nods Vaporeon's eyes show appreciation.

Alex: It's amazing how you evolved into a Vaporeon all on your own. You chose your own path.

Vaporeon: Nuzzles Alex Vaporeon shows affection.

Alex: We've become quite the team, haven't we? Battling other trainers and exploring together.

Vaporeon: Uses Water Gun playfully Vaporeon shows excitement.

Alex: You know, Vaporeon, our journey together reminds me of something Professor Oak said. Kindness and patience really do matter in the world of Pokémon.

Vaporeon: Agrees with a nod Vaporeon looks content.

Alex: And our adventure is proof that dreams can come true with a little bit of adventure and a lot of heart.

Vaporeon: Gives a happy cry Vaporeon's eyes shine with happiness.

Alex: Let's keep exploring, Vaporeon. Our story is just beginning.

Vaporeon: Jumps playfully Vaporeon is ready for more adventures.

Conversation 3: Alex and a Fellow Trainer, Sarah

Alex: Hey, Sarah! I wanted to tell you about something amazing that happened.

Sarah: Hi, Alex! Sure, what's up?

Alex: Remember that injured Eevee I found a while back? Well, I took care of it, and it evolved into a Vaporeon!

Sarah: No way! That's incredible, Alex. You must be really skilled at training Pokémon.

Alex: Thanks, Sarah! But it wasn't just about skill. I learned a lot about patience and kindness from Professor Oak.

Sarah: That's so true. Pokémon need a lot of care and attention. It sounds like you did a fantastic job.

Alex: I'm really proud of Vaporeon. We've become quite the team, battling other trainers and exploring the Pokémon world.

Sarah: That's so cool, Alex. You and Vaporeon must have a strong bond by now.

Alex: Absolutely. And you know what? This whole experience made me realize that dreams can come true with a bit of adventure and a lot of heart.

Sarah: That's a beautiful way to look at it. Your story with Vaporeon is inspiring, Alex.

Alex: Thanks, Sarah! I can't wait to see what other adventures await us.

Conversation 4: Alex and Vaporeon, Reflecting on Their Journey

Alex: Vaporeon, it's been quite a journey since we first met, hasn't it?

Vaporeon: Nods Vaporeon's eyes show understanding.

Alex: I remember when you were injured, and I was worried about what to do. But with patience and care, we made it through.

Vaporeon: Nuzzles Alex Vaporeon shows appreciation.

Alex: And when you evolved into a Vaporeon, I was so amazed. You chose your own path, just like Professor Oak said you would.

Vaporeon: Proudly shows its fin Vaporeon seems to boast a bit.

Alex: Our adventures have taught me so much about kindness, patience, and the power of friendship.

Vaporeon: Gives a happy cry Vaporeon's eyes shine with happiness.

Alex: And you know, Vaporeon, our journey is a reminder that dreams can come true with a little bit of adventure and a lot of heart.

Vaporeon: Jumps playfully Vaporeon seems ready for even more adventures.

Alex: Let's keep exploring together, Vaporeon. Our story is something I'll always treasure.

Vaporeon: Nods in agreement Vaporeon's eyes show a deep connection.


Answer Key

Exercise 1: Fill in the Blanks

  1. Vibrant

  2. Mischievous

  3. Mysterious

  4. Adventurous

  5. Flutter

  6. Adventurous

  7. Embarrassed

  8. Amusement

  9. Flickering

  10. Bravery

Exercise 2: Sentence Completion

  1. Annoyed

  2. Vibrant

  3. Adventurous

  4. Mischievous

  5. Flutter

  6. Adventurous

  7. Annoyed

  8. Amusement

  9. Embarrassed

  10. Flickering

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