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Get moving

Years ago I became fascinated with our bodies and how they move and why!

Of course it's easy to move well when we are in our twenties.. The challenge is to stay engaged and having fun throughout our lives. It has proven to be a sticky and thin line for many people, a balancing act of sorts.

There are so many benefits to doing things that feed your soul.


Doing things that feed our soul fuel us, they calm us, they take us into the zone = meditation. Th benefits of meditation and complete immersion and attention to one thing, whether it be a point on the wall, Source, an intention, playing music are immeasurable.

How to get there?

It seems they can all be summed up in a couple words... get moving...

1. Get moving - experience things, find where your yes is leading.

It is important to have your own experience. We can't take someone elses word for our own experience. Experience is just that, experential. We all have different body types, philosophies, past conditioning. What is important is to get out there and see where our yes leads us. Where does your yes lead you? Which leads us to number 2, another challenge in itself.

2. Get moving - take some steps towards the yes.

Now that you've found your yes, how are you going to use it to feel good? Well, oftentimes the answer is simply to get moving. Do it. Start, develop a routine to explore where your yes has led you and see what happens next. It's important to dedicate some time and energy to getting to know your new subject or arena. This gives us a lot of time and new opportunities for introspection and development.

3. Get moving - feel the yes, dive into the yes

You now have all the ingredients to lead a fully embodied life. Game on. It's time to live and breathe it.

4. Get moving - enjoy the yes

For me, it's all about intention. Whatever intentions you have made for your life will be what you get to live, experience, and explore once you have taken any steps towards living this life of your dreams. We can bring what we have sensed in our dreams into our waking life. While it may not look exactly like we had imagined, it certainly can embody the feeling! Do you feel it? Have you had an experience or experiences like this before?

Oftentimes it takes a couple diet and lifestyle tweaks to sink deeper into that layer of integrity. For example, if we want to feel bliss, then we may need to also remove the obstacles in our lives that are clearly in opposition to that. This can be done with clear boundaries and saying no to things that aren't in alignment. What I've found is that once you have set the intention it is there. We will feel it "come in" instantly if our container is in good condition ie. clear and without interference. What that looks like to each individual is somewhat unique.

5. Get moving - stay curious about the yes

What depths are available to you in this moment? What other gifts does this yes hold? Stay curious about what this yes/ moment/ subject/ new project/ lifestyle is capable of, other doors that open, and how much this yes holds. Continue to stay open, ready, and willing to the best life has to offer.

Stay moving <3

Your partner in health,


Join us for Aquafit

Tuesdays 1030 am at El Social Thursdays 1 pm at Villas Palermo, San Juan Del Sur

Please message us for any updates to class schedule or to confirm your spot

A big splash of a thank you to our host pool operators

All are welcome. All levels. No experience necessary. 1 hr guided session. Bring your own pool noodles / weights / pm for a loaner. These classes are complimentary. There’s a $5 pool use fee for Palermo. Hope to see you all soon

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