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Healthy Living- This is my life and I am going to live it well

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Healthy living means keeping at it.

Making every moment a ritual, a ceremony, a sacred practice ie. This is my life, this is what I am going to make it look like.

My fave go-to’s:

  1. Practice a new recipe

  2. Listen to a guided visualization on YouTube

  3. Listen to some dharma talks

  4. Walk or snuggle your animal or make a new animal friend

  5. Cook w a child

  6. Be happy

  7. Smile; fake it til you make it is often used in mental health in Canada

  8. Be kind to yourself and others

  9. Practice self compassion

  10. Hold your heart gently and keep going


your partner in Truth,


📷 @jjtho

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