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I Become

The garden is one of the two great metaphors for humanity. We grow, we sow, we release, we take pride, we feel disappointment, we thrive, we are attacked, we go with the moon, we stand tall in the light, sometimes we wither, sometimes we feel under water. Then we die.

I choose to thrive. To feel alive, to dance with the moon tides. I am also like the plants in the garden: I lean to the light, I open my chest, my heart, my arms to the sun, I become what I am, I am a product of the nature around me.

How we are different than the garden plants is that we can change the conditions of nature that surround us. The key is recognition. To be able to recognize you need to know who you really are. Meditation helps.

There are many different meditation techniques to choose from. To learn more see our page: online resources

These days have been perfect & the most supreme decadent perfection. I feel so thankful once again to feel at home.

One of the greatest gifts we can give children is to help them feel at home wherever they go. What can you do to make yourself feel more at home?

Call it in.

For me right now it would be:

To make myself feel more at home I can be right where I am. Feel my body in this moment. Allow any feelings or thoughts to simply be. And no matter what is happening around me to be thankful and cherish the good things in my life. To truly appreciate. And then life just gets rich. Super rich, super sweet, and the most bliss I have ever imagined just comes on. Blessing this and you and your day::: namaste

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