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Know Your Life Purpose in 5 minutes

"Live life expansively" - Embracing life with an open, adventurous attitude.

Advanced: Let’s Talk About Finding Your Life Purpose in 5 Minutes!

Finding your life purpose is a daunting task, but what if you could do it in just five minutes? In a fascinating TED Talk, the speaker promises to guide you through this profound process quickly and effectively. Let's explore this topic in depth, from predictions and summaries to language insights and personal reflections.


1. Add 6 new words or phrases to your flashcards.

  1. Financially well off - Having sufficient money to live comfortably.

  2. Privileged - Having special rights or advantages that others may not have.

  3. Highly educated - Having a high level of formal education.

  4. Live life expansively - Embracing life with an open, adventurous attitude.

  5. Ups and downs - The good times and bad times in life.

  6. Supremely qualified - Extremely well-qualified, having excellent credentials or experience.

Example Sentences:

  1. Despite being financially well off, he felt his life lacked purpose.

  2. Growing up privileged, she always had opportunities others didn't.

  3. He is highly educated, holding multiple degrees from top universities.

  4. To live life expansively means embracing new experiences without fear.

  5. Everyone experiences ups and downs; it's part of the human experience.

  6. She is supremely qualified to speak on this topic, given her extensive background in psychology.

Prediction Task: Know Your Life Purpose in 5 Minutes

1. Look at the title and predict what the speaker might talk about. Why might it interest you?


1. Can you summarize the main points in a few sentences?

2. What was most interesting for you about the talk?

3. What is the speaker’s purpose for giving the speech? What was your takeaway?

4. How would you answer the questions he asks about finding your life purpose?

5. What does he mean that a life unexamined is a life not worth living?

6. To what extent do you agree that making other people happy helps you find your life’s purpose?

This TED Talk provides a practical and quick approach to discovering your life purpose. By focusing on joy, strengths, and contribution, anyone can start living a more intentional and fulfilling life in just five minutes.

Expanding on "Live Life Expansively"

  1. What does it mean to live life expansively in your own words?

  2. Can you share a personal experience where you embraced life with an open, adventurous attitude?

  3. How can living life expansively contribute to finding your life purpose?

  4. What are some barriers to living life expansively, and how can they be overcome?

  5. Do you think being financially well off, privileged, or highly educated makes it easier to live life expansively? Why or why not?

  6. How do you balance the ups and downs of life while trying to live expansively?

  7. In what ways can living life expansively impact those around you?

  8. Do you think everyone has the ability to live life expansively, regardless of their circumstances? Why or why not?

  9. How does living life expansively relate to being supremely qualified in a field?

  10. What advice would you give to someone who wants to start living life more expansively?

Additional Conversation Starters

  • What activities or hobbies do you think encourage an expansive approach to life?

  • How does travel or experiencing different cultures contribute to living life expansively?

  • In what ways can facing and overcoming fears lead to a more expansive life?

  • How does gratitude play a role in living life expansively?

  • What role do relationships and community play in living an expansive life?

By discussing these questions, you can delve deeper into the themes of the TED Talk and the concept of living life expansively, gaining a richer understanding of how these ideas can shape your pursuit of purpose and fulfillment.


Exercise by Karla:

Karla's life purpose:

  1. Who you are? Karla

  2. What do you do / what do you love to do? teach people how to heal themselves.

  3. Who do you do it for? Happy people who have forgotten how to be happy.

  4. What do they want or need? Understand their unique needs (constitution), to alleviate suffering, to be happy!

  5. How do they change as a result ? They are empowered to be happy & achieve optimal health

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