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New Meditation Group

The New Moon is often viewed as a great time to set intentions. It is said to be a very powerful time. I have yet to see an intention I set by the new moon not come true within 4 full moons. I find I set the intention the new moon and it comes through by the full moon. The New Moon is the first of eight moon phases: the beginning of the moon cycle, so the symbolic time for us to begin (again).

I was chatting with a friend and came up w the idea to have some time with people we care about and want to feel good and to create connection and community across the miles

How it works:

~We pick a topic on the new moon for meditation. You can either share a meditation you came across and enjoy or one you make or nothing at all.

~We can share meditations on the topic picked on the new moon. One person can pick the topic and then that person can pick the person who will pick the topic for the next month.

With one topic it creates more focus and thus potentially more power bc more thought or Intention is going to it. This way its out there so people can contribute or listen on the topic. With also the opportunity to share whenever on whatever calls you at any time.

~Once the topic is picked submit away. Make your own... whatever calls you! The idea started to give space to share or guided meditations for the group so please share with us from your heart a recording if you’d like we would love it !!

~Please include a meditation intro so then people can decide if they want to listen to that right then or not...

Below I’ve included some more about ritual and the moon:

This page talks about why we garden by the moon.

Example of a Ritual to set a new moon intention:

  1. Get clear if you aren’t already. Meditate and Clear your head, whatever that takes: maybe it is listening to music or going for a walk, or petting your dog...

  2. Perhaps you lights candle or simply ask the energies of the highest vibration, or your ancestors, or God, or whatever you use for your higher Self or the Divine to be with you at this time. To give you clarity on what is in your greatest and highest good to receive.

  3. Take a sheet of paper. Head it: "New Moon And date if you like. You can also type it in your notes section of your phone to keep track in between lunar cycles.

  4. Now, list things you want for the rest of the year. It can be anything (a feeling, a way of being, a trip to a particular destination, a new job, x amount of money, a relationship, better health or whatever your heart desires. )

  5. Next, read your intentions out loud. There's something powerful about speaking your truth out loud. I highly recommend keeping this private, however.

  6. Next you may burn it or put it on your walk or fold it and put it on your altar or make an altar for it or put it somewhere special or bury it...

Join by emailing or pm us on FB


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