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Smile at all creatures

Smiling at all creatures is something that has helped me along the way as I travel and walk through this world, I read it once in a book that said look an animal in the eyes and smile at them as though they are children. I do this to this day. I have met very few people who do not return the smile when you hold the gaze long enough. Today I smiled at one of my neighbours⁣ dogs and wow to watch how happy and relaxed she became gave me an idea for this mornings blog.

Smiling is also an excellent practice for yourself. Take about 20 minutes or, as I did this am, a section of trail and decide that you will smile at yourself the entire time. Smiling at yourself feels good. Notice any feelings that come up for you and return your awareness back to the practice of smiling. ⁣

Allow your face to just relax and bring a slight smile to your face. Feel that medicine, be that medicine. If you want to take it a step further, or a step deeper, open up your crown chakra/ imagine it opening up creating a pure channel, almost like your skin and body are transparent, and if you can, be without shoes and just smile⁣.

Smile at yourself, let your inner smile out

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