Why do people hurt other peoples feelings & how to rise through difficult situations?

There is a sort of double edged sword in Community. You want to have fun, you want others to have fun, you want to be accepted and accept others. So let's sit with the reality of accepting someone who acts like a complete, let's call it how it really is- , shithead. Let's visualize and accept someone who is aggressive and in pain ready to lash out on anyone who is having fun and genuinely happy. We all likely know these people. We have all been in this position.


understanding why

"They aren’t happy with their own lives and this inner agitation is reflected outwardly. Therefore, all they see are things that aren’t working. And if you’re in their way, you’re a part of what isn’t working in their lives.

So they lash out and say or do things that can be interpreted as hurting someone’s feelings.

But how someone feels about you is never about you, it’s about them. So you can choose to see it as people who are in pain, expressing themselves. Or you can choose to see it as someone who wants to hurt you and get hurt feelings.

The choice is yours. The person who speaks is not the one who is choosing to be hurt, it is the other who interprets the conversation as hurtful.

In other words, it doesn’t need to happen. Nobody is responsible for how you feel, but you."

~Gayle Maree, Director/Emotional Coach at 6DimensionsofHealing.com


How to rise when someone is trying to push you down

<3 Recognize & Remove yourself from the situation: Surround yourself with people who know how to love. You know the ones. The ones who just shine a little bit brighter, a little bit fuller. Or just enjoy time by yourself. No need to linger around the energy of a toxic person. Avoid giving them an opportunity to take out their unhappiness or insecurity on you. Make your response to them and then gracefully exit the situation. Find your next situation in which you can make the contribution you dream of. Be where you are respected and accepted. Is the situation a hell yes or a hell no :) Act accordingly.