I am Authentic

Updated: Sep 29

One of the best things you can do for your health, your wellness, and your feel good is to be authentic. Its important to let the real you shine through and acknowledge and own that who you really are is really ok! When you are who you are you open yourself to more love, feelings of connection, and worthiness.

This Age of Aquarius has been dubbed by Siddhi's the age of Authenticity. It is a chance to fully breathe every part of yourself into being a live a god-realized life.

Authenticity is one of the most beautiful characteristics of the human condition and it is so helpful to creating an oasis on Earth because if someone can be trusted based on their authenticity which allows smoother relationships and a smoother life in general. Many in society today have lost connection to who they really are in the midst of being culturally taught that they need to be this or that to fit in or to be successful. I remember my Mom once told me " be quiet, people will think you are smarter that way" haha. What have you been culturally programmed to do? To reclaim and own your authenticity and to fully act from a place of power and clarity you need to live according to your OWN values, fulfilling your OWN purpose, and engaging in FOCUSES you CARE about!! This is what makes the world go 'round not a bunch of people disconnected from who they truly are. Now ! call all your energy back into your body and let's get real! and see who and what we authentically want to create with our lives!! Let's go!!

5 Main benefits of being authentic include:

  1. Enriched and supportive relating ships- by being authentic people reading the energy realize that you are aligned and honest and that they can trust you and relax around you. People may even be empowered to be themselves around you. Being authentic definitely helps by you being a clean mirror ie. people don't have to dissect through any dense energy- they are able to see truth for truth and can focus on creating fun and joy.

  2. Happiness- by being authentic over time you develop a capacity to really understand and know who you are. This naturally needs to feeling lighter, more aligned, which ultimately leads to happiness, joy, and peace.

  3. Raising the vibration around you- by being authentic you naturally release blocked energy from anywhere around you. You can do this by meditating, connecting with who you really are, and just creating a wonderful vibration around you. This is a huge benefit to you, how you feel, and to everyone and everything around you.

  4. Feeling Fulfilled- by being authentic you feel happier and focus on what you know will make you feel good. Our intuition is always there to guide us. If something feels good and we do it we feel better, more confident, more competent, and more likely to keep following our "hearts call".

  5. Being appreciated- the World and your community needs your special gifts and offerings no matter how private or public those are. Even by being aligned and on purpose you heal others. "are you willing to be a light on a corner" - Caroline Myss. This book she wrote is amazing and a pillar foundational read for developing spirituality ! I highly recommend.

Not everyones path is to be public and out there. When you are your authentic self people who need what you have will naturally be drawn to you. You will receive all the love you have to give. You will be appreciated for being you

10 Top tools to become more Authentic :