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I am Authentic

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

One of the best things you can do for your health, your wellness, and your feel good is to be authentic. Its important to let the real you shine through and acknowledge and own that who you really are is really ok! When you are who you are you open yourself to more love, feelings of connection, and worthiness.

This Age of Aquarius has been dubbed by Siddhi's the age of Authenticity. It is a chance to fully breathe every part of yourself into being a live a god-realized life.

Authenticity is one of the most beautiful characteristics of the human condition and it is so helpful to creating an oasis on Earth because if someone can be trusted based on their authenticity which allows smoother relationships and a smoother life in general. Many in society today have lost connection to who they really are in the midst of being culturally taught that they need to be this or that to fit in or to be successful. I remember my Mom once told me " be quiet, people will think you are smarter that way" haha. What have you been culturally programmed to do? To reclaim and own your authenticity and to fully act from a place of power and clarity you need to live according to your OWN values, fulfilling your OWN purpose, and engaging in FOCUSES you CARE about!! This is what makes the world go 'round not a bunch of people disconnected from who they truly are. Now ! call all your energy back into your body and let's get real! and see who and what we authentically want to create with our lives!! Let's go!!

5 Main benefits of being authentic include:

  1. Enriched and supportive relating ships- by being authentic people reading the energy realize that you are aligned and honest and that they can trust you and relax around you. People may even be empowered to be themselves around you. Being authentic definitely helps by you being a clean mirror ie. people don't have to dissect through any dense energy- they are able to see truth for truth and can focus on creating fun and joy.

  2. Happiness- by being authentic over time you develop a capacity to really understand and know who you are. This naturally needs to feeling lighter, more aligned, which ultimately leads to happiness, joy, and peace.

  3. Raising the vibration around you- by being authentic you naturally release blocked energy from anywhere around you. You can do this by meditating, connecting with who you really are, and just creating a wonderful vibration around you. This is a huge benefit to you, how you feel, and to everyone and everything around you.

  4. Feeling Fulfilled- by being authentic you feel happier and focus on what you know will make you feel good. Our intuition is always there to guide us. If something feels good and we do it we feel better, more confident, more competent, and more likely to keep following our "hearts call".

  5. Being appreciated- the World and your community needs your special gifts and offerings no matter how private or public those are. Even by being aligned and on purpose you heal others. "are you willing to be a light on a corner" - Caroline Myss. This book she wrote is amazing and a pillar foundational read for developing spirituality ! I highly recommend.

Not everyones path is to be public and out there. When you are your authentic self people who need what you have will naturally be drawn to you. You will receive all the love you have to give. You will be appreciated for being you

10 Top tools to become more Authentic :

  1. Be present with what you are experiencing in any given moment & honour it! - Learn to observe yourself objectively like clouds passing on a sky. practice meditation daily, feel, and release. Let go of any emotions, feelings, fears, they are not who you really are, they are passing, let them go. By identifying what is yours and what is really you and what is simply a feeling or an old pattern you begin to understand and recognize what is authentic and what is not.

  2. Follow the feel good- If it feels good, then it probably is. :) This takes practice, it takes heart, and most likely a little bit of grit! This is why its a daily thing. Just get up and do your best every single day and years down the road you will thank yourself for showing up for yourself today and the ways you do.

  3. Understand your family system- By looking at how we were culturally conditioned and walking in the world without your privilege you can really see what is real and what is not and then see how you want to authentically show up. By identifying traits that you have adopted that are culturally acceptable you begin to see mannerisms and behaviours you have adopted from there. Once you see then you can choose consciously what feels best to you to continue.

  4. Develop courage- by practicing courage and discipline to be ourselves it just gets easier. Look at why you feel nervous about being yourself in a situation and work to release that anxiety and any fears. Try EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and any other techniques you learn about. I also recommend sitting with your fears, observing them like clouds in the sky and watching them pass, as they always do. And when they do, being ready for what is next! Continually returning your focus on what you want to do, which in this case is be authentic!! and to feel fulfilled I imagine!! Why do you want to be authentic? --- Intention is everything ---- so perhaps you take some time to jot down some reasons you are being led to be more authentic in youuuur life today!

  5. Be loving and kind to yourself- the more loving and kind, the more in touch you are with who you really are. It takes love and kindness from ourselves to ourselves and those around us for us and them to feel safe and come out of the shells we may be in. Love is always the key.

  6. Be open- the key to peace and authenticity is knowing that we don't know. We don't know why we are being asked to bring our unique gifts and medicine to the world. When we try tho and practice doing it, we do see.

  7. Make telling the truth the way you live- this just feels good. It is so easy to live happy when you are living your truth. Energy is everything !! To keep your vibration high and stay connected to the infinite wisdom the easiest way is to live your truth. A part of this is also speaking the truth. The truth that feels good. We are unobligated to share every part of ourselves with anyone, share the parts of you and the wisdom and information you have when it feels good to you.

  8. Make decisions that are aligned with your Soul- where is your yes leading you? :) this is super important to follow and practice!! when its a yes its a yessss!!! your heart sings, the seas part etc. When its a maybe or a no, thats a no. Your body is very smart and it is there to guide you and support you. Listen to it and watch your life improve dramatically no matter how good it already is.

  9. Develop yourself in ways that are authentic to you- a lot of times when you follow your yes it simply leads to more yes's and connections and experiences, and paths and avenues that were just not known before. I like to take courses and join groups that feel like a yes to me because I find that way doors just open up. I have a saying when I get this feeling following my yes. It is " and one day the world just opened up". I cherish that feeling.

  10. Develop your own love language- listen to your inner guidance, follow it, continue on your life's purpose. If you don't know what that is and would like to I suggest meditating more ! a lot more, and also joining some spiritual groups and/or signing up for a coaching session with me

An unwavering sense of passion, purpose, and community can help you to express yourself authentically. As well developing an authentic lifestyle and taking steps to live authentically in each moment will help you determine confidently what is your purpose for the time being. You may discover the light of your life, the fire of your soul, the passion in you that moves the mountains and may be called to share it with the world. You may also be called to be that light on the corner. The point is love hard, be magical, and have faith, your prayers have been heard, and all this is just temporary. Stay the course, you will see the rewards.

In our Annual Ayurvedic Retreat, july 2022 we will be hosting a workshop on living Authentically and of Course the whole retreat will be centred around this. I hope you will join us for this week and add on a couple afterwards as we dive in to community and the Ayurvedic way together.

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