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Grammar: Wherever, Whoever... Whimsical Whirlwind in Santorini

Grammar Focus: Compound Relative Pronouns with -ever

Adding -ever to question words transforms them into compound relative pronouns, indicating that the specific choice is irrelevant or unlimited.

who + '-ever' = whoever

  • Example: Whoever wants to join the trip is welcome. (It doesn't matter who)

what + '-ever' = whatever

  • Example: Whatever you decide, I'll support it. (It doesn't matter what)

where + '-ever' = wherever

  • Example: You can place the flowers wherever you like. (It doesn't matter where)

when + '-ever' = whenever

  • Example: You can call me whenever you need assistance. (It doesn't matter when)

which + '-ever' = whichever

  • Example: Choose whichever dish you prefer. (It doesn't matter which one)

how + '-ever' = however

  • Example: You can complete the task however you find suitable. (It doesn't matter how/in what way)


  • These compound relative pronouns can function as subjects, objects, and adverbs in a sentence.


  • However you want to solve the problem is fine with me. (= adverb modifying 'solve')

  • Choose whatever you like from the menu. (= object of action 'choose')

  • Whenever you decide to visit, I'll be here. (= adverb modifying 'visit')

  • Whichever road you take, it leads to the same destination. (= object of action 'take')


  • 'Whoever' can also serve as a subject when the identity of the subject is not important or known. For instance, "Whoever left their belongings here should collect them." (You are referring to the person who left their belongings.)

Once upon a time, in the enchanting Greek island of Santorini, lived a curious traveler named Olivia. She was a free spirit, always seeking new adventures and unexpected delights. One day, she stumbled upon a mysterious map in an old bookstore, promising a hidden gem tucked away in the heart of the island.

With an insatiable curiosity, Olivia decided to embark on this spontaneous journey. Armed with the map, she navigated through narrow cobblestone streets, passing the iconic white-washed buildings with blue-domed rooftops. The map led her to a weathered door tucked between two quaint houses, adorned with a single, rusted keyhole.

Undeterred by the unknown, Olivia reached into her backpack and retrieved an antique skeleton key she had inherited from her grandmother. To her amazement, the key fit perfectly into the lock, and the door creaked open, revealing a hidden passage leading underground.

Descending into the darkness, Olivia discovered an underground world filled with bioluminescent mushrooms casting a soft glow on the walls. A gentle breeze carried the sweet scent of blooming flowers, creating an otherworldly ambiance. As she continued her journey, she stumbled upon a secret chamber with a peculiar portal.

Without hesitation, Olivia stepped through the portal and found herself in a bustling market in Marrakech. The vibrant colors, intoxicating scents, and the lively sounds of the market overwhelmed her senses. She explored the narrow alleys, tasting exotic spices, trying on intricate handmade jewelry, and dancing to the rhythm of local musicians.

Just as quickly as she had arrived, Olivia stepped back through the portal, finding herself back in the underground world of Santorini. The mystical portal had granted her the ability to travel between worlds, wherever and whenever she desired.

Over the next few days, Olivia visited bustling Tokyo streets, serene beaches in Fiji, and the mystical landscapes of Iceland, all from the secret portal hidden beneath Santorini. Each destination brought new experiences, friendships, and memories that filled her heart with joy.

As Olivia continued her whimsical whirlwind adventures, she realized that the journey itself was the destination. The wherever, whichever, however, and whenever of her travels became a tapestry of stories that painted the canvas of her extraordinary life.

And so, the curious traveler embraced the unpredictability of her journeys, knowing that each twist and turn would lead to a new and exciting chapter in her whimsical travel story.

Short Story: The Mysterious Invitation

Once upon a time in the quaint town of Everwood, lived a curious young woman named Lily. One day, she received a mysterious invitation in an ornate envelope with an elegant seal. Intrigued, Lily opened the letter to find a series of enigmatic clues leading her to a hidden garden.

The first clue read, "Whoever seeks adventure and wonders, follow the golden path." Lily gathered her courage and embarked on a journey through the dense forest, guided only by the shimmering golden trail.

As Lily reached a clearing, the second clue awaited. "Whatever you choose, the path will unfold." The clearing presented three diverging trails. Lily hesitated but then confidently chose the middle path, trusting the mysterious instructions.

The third clue brought her to a crossroads. "Place these flowers wherever your heart desires, and the path shall guide you." Lily discovered a basket of enchanted flowers. She carefully arranged them in a circle, and suddenly, a new path materialized before her.

Lily walked through time-worn arches, reaching an ancient sundial. "Call me whenever you need guidance," whispered the fourth clue. Lily touched the dial, and the surroundings transformed, revealing a hidden door to another dimension. Beyond the door lay a hall of mirrors. "Choose whichever reflection you trust," echoed the fifth clue. Lily studied her reflections and selected the one that seemed to radiate sincerity. The final clue appeared before her as a mysterious voice said, "You can complete this quest however you find suitable." Lily faced a locked chest, and with a series of clever maneuvers, she unlocked it, unveiling a map to the heart of Everwood.

In the heart of the town, Lily discovered a community of like-minded adventurers who had received similar invitations. They formed a bond, exploring the wonders of Everwood together. And so, the mysterious invitation became a testament to the power of whoever, whatever, wherever, whenever, whichever, and however, guiding them to a lifetime of magical adventures.

Whiskers, A Short Story

Once upon a time, in a small village, lived a curious cat named Whiskers. Whoever saw Whiskers couldn't help but smile because of his playful antics. Whiskers loved to explore wherever he could – through gardens, over fences, and under cozy blankets.

One day, Whiskers found a magical hat, and whenever he wore it, something extraordinary happened. However, the magic worked differently each time. Sometimes it made him invisible, and whoever saw him couldn't believe their eyes. Other times, it made him super-fast, and wherever he went, a streak of fur was all that could be seen.

One sunny afternoon, Whiskers found a box of colorful toys. However, he couldn't decide which one to play with. Whichever toy he picked, he enjoyed it thoroughly. Whether it was a bouncy ball or a squeaky mouse, Whiskers had a grand time.

Whenever Whiskers felt tired from his adventures, he discovered a cozy spot in the sun. However he curled up, whichever position felt comfiest, he purred contentedly. It seemed that wherever Whiskers found himself and whatever he encountered, he turned it into a delightful, playful experience.

And so, the village embraced the joy that Whiskers brought, learning that whoever shares happiness, wherever they go, whenever they choose, and however they express themselves, can make life a little brighter for everyone around.

Homework Assignment: Compound Relative Pronouns with -ever


  1. Carefully review the grammar summary provided on compound relative pronouns with -ever.

  2. Complete the exercises below by filling in the blanks with the appropriate compound relative pronoun.

Exercise 1: Fill in the Blanks

  1. _________ wants to go to the museum is invited.

  2. I'll support __________ decision you make.

  3. Place the sculpture __________ you think it looks best.

  4. Call me __________ you need assistance.

  5. You can pick __________ book from the shelf.

  6. Complete the project __________ you find suitable.

Exercise 2: Sentence Construction

Compose three sentences of your own using different compound relative pronouns with -ever. Be creative in your sentence construction, and make sure to demonstrate a clear understanding of how each pronoun is used.

Exercise 3: Identifying Functions

Identify the function of the compound relative pronoun in each of the following sentences (subject, object, or adverb).

  1. However you decide to decorate the room is fine.

  2. Choose whichever movie you prefer.

  3. You can call me whenever you want to talk.

Challenge: Essay Writing

Write a short essay (150-200 words) describing a hypothetical scenario where a person uses compound relative pronouns with -ever to make choices in different aspects of their life. Highlight the versatility and flexibility of these pronouns in conveying a sense of openness and freedom in decision-making.

sample answer:

Emma, an adventurous soul, set off on a journey through Asia with her partner, Alex. Armed with a passion for hiking and running, they traversed the diverse landscapes, from the misty mountains of Nepal to the lush trails of Vietnam.

Whoever: In the Himalayas, they encountered fellow trekkers, realizing that whoever sought the thrill of high-altitude trails became part of an unspoken community. The camaraderie formed on those peaks transcended nationalities, echoing the sentiment that, in the mountains, it doesn't matter who you are; the shared love for adventure unites.

Whatever: Arriving in Japan, they faced a delightful dilemma at a bustling street market. Whatever street food they chose, from savory Okonomiyaki to sweet Taiyaki, revealed a world of flavors. The gastronomic choices mirrored life's diversity, emphasizing that, in the grand buffet of existence, it doesn't matter what path you take; each experience enriches the journey.

Wherever: Navigating through the rice terraces of Bali, Emma and Alex discovered that wherever they set their running shoes, be it coastal trails or ancient temples, the joy of exploration remained constant. It reinforced the idea that, in the realm of adventure, it doesn't matter where you run; the world unfolds beneath your feet.

Whenever: As the sun dipped below the horizon in Thailand, they embraced the philosophy that whenever the urge to run struck, whether at sunrise or under the moonlight, the open roads and jungles welcomed them. It illuminated the belief that in the rhythm of life, it doesn't matter when you run; the moment is always ripe for discovery.

Whichever: In the bustling markets of India, Emma and Alex faced myriad choices. Whichever vibrant spice blend or colorful textile they picked mirrored life's varied options. It echoed the sentiment that, in the mosaic of existence, it doesn't matter which path you choose; each one leads to a unique adventure.

However: Amidst the ancient ruins of Cambodia, they encountered challenges. However, they navigated through the crumbling stones and intricate carvings, realizing that in the face of obstacles, however, they chose to overcome them shaped the narrative of their journey. It exemplified the resilience that, in the narrative of life, it doesn't matter how you face challenges; the story is in the overcoming.

On their trip, Emma and Alex embraced the versatility of compound relative pronouns with -ever, finding freedom and openness in their choices. Through the lens of whoever, whatever, wherever, whenever, whichever, and however, their journey became a testament to the boundless possibilities embedded in the heart of every decision, adding hues of adventure to their shared travel narrative.

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