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Our Vision

Grateful Surf Yoga & Ayurveda 

was founded in and around the Oceans of the Pacific in 2014 with the goal to make the  gifts of yoga and holistic health available to Everyone and to connect with the Community. We are passionate about empowering people through Yoga & Ayurveda. 

For years, individuals, especially those with disabilities, elders, or those recovering from illness or injury, have grappled with the challenge of finding holistic wellness services that truly meet their unique needs. Many have faced the frustration of limited options, generic treatments, and an overall lack of understanding.

Enter Grateful Surf Yoga & Ayurveda, established in 2016 with a singular mission: to be the beacon of healing while provide VIP personal retreat services to visitors and residents. We understand the ideals of our diverse clientele, recognizing that their well-being is not one-size-fits-all. Our team comprises dedicated professionals, each bringing a wealth of expertise from various backgrounds, creating a nurturing environment that fosters individualized care.

Our value proposition lies in the tailored services we provide. Unlike competitors, we specialize in empowering our clients to overcome physical and emotional challenges. Grateful Surf stands out by offering a comprehensive range of private retreat services, including yoga, ayurvedic consultations, and massage therapy, all delivered by a team of compassionate caregivers and experienced yoga teachers.

What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to those often overlooked in the wellness industry – individuals with disabilities, elders, and those on the journey to recovery. We address the specific pain points of this demographic by providing personalized treatments that not only alleviate their struggles but also contribute to their overall health and well-being.

At Grateful Surf, our clients gain more than just a service; they experience a transformative journey towards holistic wellness. Our track record speaks volumes, having supported thousands of individuals over the years. We have witnessed lives evolve, physical and emotional issues managed, and overall health and well-being enhanced.

In a world where wellness is a priority, Grateful Surf Yoga & Ayurveda is the answer to the unique needs of those who seek more than just a generic solution. Join us on this journey, where every session is crafted with care, and every individual is treated with the specialized plan and unique understanding they deserve. Your well-being is not a luxury but a necessity, and at Grateful Surf, we make it accessible to all. Experience the difference – choose Grateful Surf for a life-changing retreat tailored just for you.

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