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Neora is this amazing brand partnershop 


Sundays : Wildcrafting, foraging 

Mondays : English and Spanish and Math and more 

Tuesdays : Permaculture & Yoga Wednesdays : Wellness and English and Spanish and more 

Thursdays : Art and French, Yoga  

Fridays : Math, and more 

Saturdays : Custom

Also : woodworking and music, days vary weekly


Includes wholesome and Ayurvedic and wholesome snacks and meals based on your child’s unique constitution and any considerations. 


Curriculum schedule is flexible. We have many offerings and some flexibility in what days we can hold them, please let us know what calls you. 


Also available: 

  • environmental education 

  • Soccer 

  • Art 

  • Music 

  • And more 


Daily Rates:


10$ an hour, $5 an hour each extra family member 


Individualized Packages: 


Pop us a message to develop your customized plan and package. 


Regular Rates 50$ a day 5 days or more. Monthly pricing available. 


Accommodation: we have extensive accommodation packages. Call us to find the place that suits you. 

Costa Rica
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