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Adjectives Practice - Grammar

What adjectives do you hear?


Here's the list with meanings:

  1. Big: Of considerable size or extent.

  2. Noisy: Making a lot of noise; loud or disruptive.

  3. Small: Of a size that is less than average or usual.

  4. Cold: Having a low temperature; lacking warmth.

  5. Quiet: Making little or no noise; calm and peaceful.

  6. African: Relating to Africa or its diverse cultures.

  7. Brazilian: Relating to Brazil or its people, culture, or language.

  8. Wonderful: Extremely good; inspiring delight or admiration.

  9. Black: Having the darkest color, like the night sky.

  10. Easy: Not difficult; requiring little effort or exertion.

  11. Red: Of the color resembling that of blood or a ripe tomato.

  12. Guilty: Feeling responsible for a wrongdoing; culpable.

  13. Hot: Having a high temperature; producing heat.

  14. Short: Of little length; not long in duration.

  15. Deep: Extending far down from the top or surface.

  16. Poor: Lacking wealth or sufficient resources; not well-off.

  17. Excellent: Extremely good; outstanding or remarkable.

  18. Underground: Situated or occurring below the surface of the ground.

  19. English: Relating to England or its language and culture.

  20. Super: Extremely good; surpassing others of its kind.

  21. Evil: Morally wrong or wicked; malevolent.

  22. Yellow: Having the color resembling that of ripe lemons.

  23. Different: Not the same as another or each other; distinct.

  24. Dark: Lacking light; of low brightness.

  25. Bright: Emitting much light; strong and vivid.

  26. Shiny: Having a smooth, glossy surface that reflects light.

  27. Sunny: Characterized by bright sunlight; cheerful and warm.

  28. Beautiful: Pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically; attractive.

  29. Perfect: Having all the required or desirable elements.

  30. Thin: Having a small distance between opposite sides.

  31. Fat: Having an excess of flesh; plump or obese.

  32. Peaceful: Free from disturbance; calm and tranquil.

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