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Practice in Paradise: Gentle Yoga for Every Body


Yoga for Every Body


Gentle Yoga is for Every Body.

We have this amazing class happening for the next 7 weeks. Every Sunday and Wednesday at our fabulous practice space at Hairidise in Dominical.

830am-945. space is limited so need to confirm beforehand.

Gentle Yoga is perfect for the individual or group looking to move or strengthen conscientiously. It is a hidden gem of a yoga style and included all 8 limbs of Yoga. It is a gentle practice for beginners and people living in hot countries that still want to stay active and limber. It is great for all kinds of people and open to everyone. We even have chair yoga & Aquafit! It's great for surfers, athletes, people with physical or mental issues and anyone in between. Based on the 5,000 year old Wisdom of Ayurveda we design the classes to support your own unique constitution.

Picturesque practice in the rainforest by the river with a beautiful Community exploring the ancient practices of Yoga & Ayurveda


Practice in Paradise

"Evidence keeps stacking up that yoga is a boon for both physical and mental health conditions. Now, a small new study from Boston University finds that taking yoga classes twice a week may help ease depression, thanks in part to deep breathing." ~http://time.com/4695558/yoga-breathing-depression/?

Join me for calming, uplifting, opening, and rejuvenating Tasty Practice of Gentle Yoga for your Unique Constitution Every Wednesday & Sunday at 8:30- 9:45 am on the scenic Hairidise Patio in Dominical, Costa Rica

Book your massage therapy session for after class if you like or have us out to your home or property. groups welcome.

Classes include meditation, asana, stretching, hiit training, Pilates, yoga for lower back care, Chi gong, Ayurveda, partner, Tantra, vinyasa, hatha, power, Tantra, yin, Thai yoga massage, yoga for surf, breathwork, and more.

Come once or join us twice a week as we create a stable foundation for our minds to stand and healthy body temples along the way ๐Ÿ’—

Seniors & Beginners welcome

pm for more info or to secure your spot and find out locations or make your own

Join us for massage physical therapy sessions after or hire us to come out to your home or property, groups welcome or book an appt at Hairadise for your hair or esthetic upgrade or fine tune!


Classes: $15 pp/ min $40

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