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About Me 


Yiota Bartsiocas

Owner Grateful Surf Yoga & Ayurveda Vancouver BC

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Body Worker, Body Knowledge Yoga Teacher, Wellness Practioner, Medicine Woman, Shaman Priestess


I am passionate about living life to the fullest and empowering women ! I run a mobile studio in Vancouver BC and wherever I am in the World including Grateful Surf Yoga & Ayurveda in Nicaragua & Costa Rica. I would love to help you design a wellness program just for you. I offer sessions in Deep Flow Massage, Swedish Relaxation Massage, Hot Stone Thearpy, and Myofascial Release, and Restorative Bodywork (yin + manual therapy) and Inspired Living.

I am passionate about sharing the healing arts and creating community. I am grateful for this beautiful life and love to meet and work with people to support them to feel more peaceful, shine from the inside out, eat foods that nourish, and connect wtih the Moon Cycles. These are my passions, as well as dancing, the outdoors, travelling, animals, and sharing time with family and friends. Please reach out to connect or to join our Sacred SoulSistars Satsang Community. 

with love, Yiota

A session with me 

will support you

  • Heal your heart from stored trauma

  • Disconnect and release toxic relationships and connections

  • Achieve your health & wellness intentions

  • Find comfort and security within

  • Be inspired and explore your creative self

  • Enhance your sense of personal power

  • Connect with your intuitive self

  • Embrace your divine purpose

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