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Joyful Life through Stomach Health

Calm stomach acidity and restore digestive health

When our immune systems function well we have more energy, more resiliency, and the ability to all of life’s challenges easier. A healthy gut (aka stomach) contributes to a strong functioning immune system, brain health, organ health, vitality, good moods, healthy sleep, and effective digestion.

When we are under any kind of stress, the digestive system becomes under stress which can lead to decreased immunity. This stress can also be aggravated if you meet stress caffeine based stimulants. When stressed the stomach produces excessive amounts of acid. Stress can also make swallowing foods difficult or increase the amount of air that is swallowed, which increases burping, gassiness, and bloating. Vomiting may occur if the stress is severe enough. The acid that is released can affect the stomach wall and result in decreased digestive ability and create a hot and irritated stomach lining, which we experience as heartburn.

To treat the root cause of this we need to bring Pitta dosha into balance. Is there a way to calm Pitta dosha and decrease stress, the burning sensation in the chest, the overall discomfort rom acid reflux, how it spreads, the irritation, the sometime sour liquid being produced and experienced, and the nausea. What cooling and calming foods and practices can be brought into the life to calm Pitta dosha and restore balance to the digestive system?

We need the acids in our stomach. Hydrochloric acid /HCL it a part of our immune system and helps us digest food and defends our body against ingested foreign harmful bacteria. It also breaks down protein foods and helps us turn food into energy. It can help us process emotions and function optimally. They are necessary in helpful amounts. They also help us absorb vitamins and minerals.

To decrease the excess amount of acids, the unhelpful ones, produced by following the

Pitta pacifying diet and lifestyle. See here for food guidelines:

Some common Pitta pacifying diet and lifestyle changes that can be easily made are:

-avoid deep fried and fermented foods,

-eat more cucumber, cilantro, mint, coconut water,

-avoid caffeine, alcohol, and read meat,

-avoid iced drinks and iced foods

-avoid marijuana and tabacco,

-avoid spicy and sour foods,

-avoid tomato, hot peppers, corn, nightshades,

-eat only foods that make you feel vital

-lead a peaceful life,

-meditate at least once a day for minimum of 20 minutes

-decrease screen time,

-decrease exposure to artificial light,

-stay cool

-eat your last meal before 6pm,

-only eat once your last meal has digested ie. once you have had a bowel movement

-meditate between 9-10pm and be asleep by 10pm

Pitta predominant people will naturally be more prone to heartburn and can manage it by leading a Pitta pacifying diet and lifestyle along with any other predominant dosas that are present.

Here is some info for our annual Ayurvedic Retreat. We have private retreats and online coaching throughout the year.

Annual Ayurvedic Retreat July 2021:

San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

Your hosts for this week are & @chetanakarlashakti and our vegetarian chef and surf guides and other local facilities we are honoured to share with.

It’s going to be really fun, relaxing, inspirational, healing, rejuvenating, and chalk full of tools for implementing your Ayurvedic lifestyle, being in community, and achieving your health & lifestyle goals. This can be a family trip as well for we can easily arrange you a nanny during your activities !!

With 4 Ayurvedic Consultations, classes in Ayurveda, 2 Ayurvedic wellness treatments, daily Yoga & Meditation, Ayurvedic cooking classes, and lots of other opportunities this week is sure to be a great time.

Accommodation is in one of our cute cabins surrounding a 25m Pool and practice space, and a hammock on a deck by your accommodation for everyone.

Check the website for more info about this retreat, to follow our blog, or sign up for a wellness session online or at a Centre near you.

::: we are the magic & the medicine :::

🌿Custom Tropical Retreats

🌿 Physical Therapy (incl. massage & yoga therapy)

🌿 Online & In Person Yoga

🌿 Ayurvedic Consulations and Coaching

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